Four Fantastic Flowers to Gift Loved Ones this February

By: Levi Santiago

February is usually known for February 14th, which is Valentine’s Day – the day where lovers show affection to each through gifting flowers, nice dinners, romantic drives, or just plain enjoying the warmth of their home like in your House and Lot for Sale in Dasmarinas Cavite. However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be necessarily dedicated just for lovers. The day of hearts and the traditional flower gifts can be celebrated for family and even for friends too. After all, there are different forms of love that we give and receive – whether it’s familial, between friends, or romantic.

But! What if you ordered flowers that unfortunately can’t be delivered just in time for Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps you made a last-minute decision to finally confess your love to that one person, but Valentine’s Day just ended? Well, don’t worry!

Just as Valentine’s Day flowers don’t have to be gifted just between lovers, flowers don’t have to be gifted on just Valentine’s Day itself. February is called the month of love for a reason, so it’s perfectly fine to give gifts at any time of the month – it’s the intentions and sincerity that win hearts in the end.

Here Some of the Different Flowers From the Nearest Shop Where You Can Buy That You Can Give Your Family, Friends, or That One Love Interest You’ve Finally Built up the Courage to Confess To, or Maybe Even Put in a Vase in the Comforts of Your Home:

#1 The Radiant: Sunflowers


Sunflowers symbolize admiration and loyalty.

In Greek mythology, the way the sunflower always follows the sun is explained by the story of a water nymph named Clytie falling in love with the sun god, Apollo. Clytie would sit down and watch the sun all day. Although Apollo ignored her watching him all the time, the other gods noticed and as a form of compassion, turned Clytie into a flower that follows where the sun is all the time – hence, the sunflower. This is also the reason why sunflowers embody adoration, other than loyalty.

It is from this tale that makes sunflowers the perfect gift to give someone – whether it’s friends, family, a lover, or the like – to let them know how much you adore and appreciate them. With the bright and radiant color of the sunflower, other than serving as a nice decoration to your House and Lot for Sale in Dasmarinas Cavite, gifting this flower to the persons you adore is sure to brighten up their day. And although sunflowers are not your usual romantic flowers, they definitely radiate just as much warmth, positivity, and affection. Hence, it is because of that that gifting sunflowers will bring the spirit of the month of love.

#2 The Passionate: Pink Tulips

Pink Tulips

Pink tulips symbolize care, affection, and good wishes.

Culturally, tulips embody deep and perfect love, based on the Persian legend of Farhad and Shirin. In one version of the story, a princess named Shirin falls for a humble stonecutter named Farhad. However, Shirin’s father is displeased with her princess daughter falling for a stonecutter, so Shirin’s father tasks Farhad to dig an enormous canal to prove the love Farhad has for Shirin. When Farhad had nearly finished the tunnel, Shirin’s father sends a person to tell Farhad fake news that Shirin had died. In his crippling grief, Farhad takes his own life; but when Shirin learns about this, she goes to find Farhad and then takes her own life to reunite with him in the afterlife. Tulips soon grow in the ground where both their blood meet, symbolizing their love that is to last forever – this is how the meaning of deep and perfect love became culturally associated to tulips.

Given its cultural symbolism, you can give pink tulips as an offering to your lover that can be as passionate as how Farhad and Shirin’s love was for each other. In a sense, gifting a tulip rivals that of gifting a rose in terms of passion when it comes to declaring love, so this flower is a great pick as a gift for romantic relationships.

#3 The Unique: Purple Orchids

Purple Orchids

Purple orchids symbolize respect, admiration, and affection.

This means it is a flower you can gift to just about any kind of relationship you have with a person. This makes orchids the kind of flower gift you can give not just family, but to friends, and even people you’re not that close with, but are aiming to get closer to. Therefore, orchids are a nice gift that’s not only meaningful, but is a bit more different and unique than your usual flower gifts.

Orchids serve as a nice accent to virtually all interior design, and is sure to catch your eye, and visitors even more so. Furthermore, orchids are also a low maintenance plant since it doesn’t need to get watered too much, making it the perfect gift to give to someone who could use a lot of practice for caring for plants. Most cut flowers wilt after a week, but orchids can bloom for months if taken care of properly – so it can serve as a nice decoration to liven up your House and Lot for Sale in Dasmarinas Cavite.

#4 The Classic: Red Roses

Red Roses

There are times wherein it comes to the point wherein nothing beats the classic.

And in gifting flowers to loved ones – especially when it comes to a lover – the red roses have been solidified for centuries as the classic love offering. This is why the rose is commonly known as the classic symbol of romance and love.

Throughout media and history, roses have been the representation of love. Just by its appearance, the rose captures the eye with its crimson allure. Its petals arrange in such a way that you can nearly trace the path of how it bloomed into the beauty in presents – this also makes it as perfect decoration to add elegance to the décor in your House and Lot for Sale in Dasmarinas Cavite.

But the rose isn’t called the symbol of love just for its appearance and burning color. Roses have thorns on its stem; so although roses are pleasing to the eye, if you were to just hastily grab it, you will hurt yourself – and if grabbed too harshly, you will bleed. This poetic nature of the rose is the reason for its beauty, and why it solidifies itself as the classic flower to gift on the month of love.

The True Flower


Flowers are an essential part of nature, and it has been a human tradition for centuries to offer flowers as a sign of affection.

In gifting flowers on occasions such as the month of February and Valentine’s Day, other than serving as aesthetic decoration for your House and Lot for Sale in Dasmarinas Cavite, the flowers remind us of the beauty of life. The striking and pleasant colors and shapes of the flowers make us reminisce on how colorful life can be. It is from these flower gifts that we remember the beauty of our memories – whether they were bitter, sweet, or in between – and how they have shaped our lives

Whether it’s the radiant sunflower, the passionate tulip, the unique orchid, the classic rose, or whatever flower it may be, what counts is the sincerity of the gift. After all, the true flower – the true beauty – lies in the bonds we’ve formed with the people we deem special to us.

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