Five Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Las Pinas and Bacoor

By: Patricia Soberano

A lot of people frequently travel from one town to another, in search of a perfect place to relax, get a coffee nearby, and enjoy their free time away from the hustling and bustling city life. Individuals mostly look for the best coffee shops in the area that serve freshly baked pastries, have a wide selection of delicious coffee, good service, and convenient locations to make it easier for customers to visit the coffee shop.

Similar to this, the majority of homebuyers who search for a house and lot for sale in Bacoor, Cavite consider the idea of living near local coffee shops, as they envision themselves as being in a great place where dining in and getting a cup of hot chocolate any time, especially during rainy seasons won’t be a problem.

Given that there are already several coffee shops that are well-known for its menu and cozy spaces to hang out, like Starbucks, for instance, it is still apparent that some people prefer to visit coffee shops that are not only known for their delicious food and coffee but as well as being a great place to take pictures to serve as a good update in one’s social media channels or possibly as a great memory to keep.

Hence, this article will introduce five Instagrammable coffee shops located in Las Piñas and Bacoor that residents from Metro Manila or other places could visit and try different kinds of dishes during their free time or simply as a way to unwind.

Two:am Cafe

photo from bitesized.ph

Two:am cafe is a small online candle business turned into a minimalist space for coffee and candles. This family-owned cafe is located in the center of Avenida Rizal in Bahayang Pag-Asa, Molino V, Bacoor, Cavite, and offers small plate dishes and coffee for dine-in and to-go customers. Additionally, it offers free parking, and it is a pet-friendly cafe that provides a variety of high-quality, hand-poured soy candles with premium fragrances for the community of candle lovers.

Homebuyers who are searching for a house and lot for sale in Bacoor, Cavite won’t have to worry about spending too much money on popular coffee shops like Starbucks since this minimalist cafe can be easily found around the corner. Coffee lovers can enjoy choosing their desserts from the menu or they might as well begin choosing their drinks from their best sellers: Spanish Latte, Spanish Matcha Latte, Strawberry Milk, and Caramel Macchiato — all of which are reasonably priced.

Roma Cafe

photo from buzzsetter.com

An Instagrammable Italian-inspired cafe in the South that is inspired by the “Dreams of Italy,” would undoubtedly be enjoyed by locals who fantasized about traveling to Rome, Italy.

Roma Cafe is located on Molino Blvd, Bacoor, Cavite, and is decorated by LED lights that display motivational messages and Roma signage. The cafe also includes several areas with “Roma Bikes” hanging from the walls, as well as wine shelves with sculptures and books that give the restaurant its own distinct style.

Additionally, given that it is surrounded by several indoor and outdoor plants, this cafe is also a good place for plant lovers. Roma Cafe proudly offers its al fresco dining experience to guests, seeing that the exterior decor of the cafe features broken pillars that evoke the broken pillars in Rome.

Furthermore, albeit it is a pet-friendly cafe, pets are only permitted outside in the alfresco area. For the convenience of all coffee and food enthusiasts, there is a drive-thru section as well as a set menu from which people can pick their drinks and dishes. Roma Cafe is basically a good place to hang out with large groups of people, such as families and friends.

Tablo Kitchen x Café

photo from zomato.com

Tablo Kitchen x Café is a community café and restaurant located in Las Piñas, Metro Manila, that was created to provide a space for creativity, community, and comfort cuisine.

This café and restaurant is a great place to have lunch with family and friends, go on a date, or just drop in to grab a good coffee. This restaurant also attracts many locals (even from outside Metro Manila) not only for its excellent menu but also for its tranquil and cozy lush garden-inspired decors.

Every meal offered at Tablo Kitchen x Café is motivated by families’ delicacies and memories that unite food lovers to a special place, we call home. Regular and first-time visitors equally enjoy their stay because of the good food, which they often eat during lunchtime.

Tablo Kitchen x Café is committed to displaying Filipino hospitality and good service, as seen by the fact that new customers are offered free nachos upon arrival. In addition, waiting in line won’t make anyone frustrated or weary since free drinks are offered as an alternative while people wait for their turn or for their food to be served.

Coffee Project x Fully Booked

photo from yummy.ph

Everyone undoubtedly has distinct preferences and viewpoints regarding the best coffee shop for them. But it’s also evident that the majority of coffee lovers would actually love the thought of losing themselves in a universe filled with books and coffee. Coffee Project’s 42nd branch in the Philippines situated on the ground floor of Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Piñas, Metro Manila stands out due to its warm colors and wooden elements. The gentle lighting, plants, and how the shadows from the leaves cast a makeshift canopy atop elevating the space, which is filled with books in every nook and cranny.

Coffee Project, one of the best coffee shops in the area, boasts a room with a high ceiling and enormous windows that look out into a lovely vista, as well as a big staircase and library. Also included are the private nooks and curtained booths where every introvert could spend their time alone with their drink or any food of their choice. The great coffee shop also offers “collab specials,” which are only offered at this specific area, on its extended menu. It offers both hot and iced coffee, as well as fresh and delicious cake along with other dishes.

Dear Joe

photo from arapatria.com

Fans of Coffee Project, one of the best cafes around the area, will also undoubtedly enjoy Dear Joe — the Philippines’ first letter-writing cafe. Homebuyers frequently crave a decent cup of coffee, great food, pastries, cakes, and even milk tea after spending all day looking for the ideal house and lot for sale in Bacoor, Cavite. The cafe’s rustic, American-themed ambiance allows individuals to satisfy their cravings while also writing letters to friends, family, or just themselves.

With its green, gray, and off-white brick walls, Dear Joe exudes a modern yet cozy vibe. Even though the room is laid-back, the periodic accents of greenery between the seats and tables, as well as the framed artworks and murals on the walls, give it vitality. As a result, guests not only enjoy a good coffee but also have access to one of the town’s finest Instagrammable cafes!

You may find these two best cafes either in Daang Hari, Vista Mall, and NOMO Mall in Molino, Cavite, or at Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Piñas, Metro Manila.

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