Filling That Awkward Empty Space in Your Living Room

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola

If there is one other thing aside from the exterior of your House and Lot for Sale in Daang Hari (how big and how nice looking it is, and if there is a nice garden) that would impress your visitors so much to the point they cannot help but utter “wow” when they visit your home, it is your living room.

Your living room corner space is the heart of your home, real estate agent and any interior designer would say. Not only it is there to serve as a large room for you and your family to have some good quality time catching up, playing games, or binge-watching Netflix shows, or to have extra seating when the dining room feels too crowded during family clan gatherings or a place where you and your batchmates friends gather during a mini-reunion night, it is also there to impress.

Tap your creative ideas and start filling them up in the unused spaces and awkward corners of your large living room. If there is another thing we hate it is untapped potential. To avoid having those uneasy feelings of lacking, it is key to fill in the awkward empty spaces and empty corners of your living rooms.

If ever you need some kind of guide to help jazz up the empty space living room of your House and Lot for Sale in Daang Hari, here are a couple of ideas!

Freshen up Your Empty Spaces With Indoor Plants

Not only it is healthier for you and your family to get the freshest oxygen because of these earthlings, but a couple of plants would also definitely bring that empty space to life! From your coffee table, side table, open shelves, and other small furniture, putting life to simply fill up every living room corner and empty space would totally be a huge plus to the overall vibe of your home! Visitors would admire you for being a plant tito or plant-tita because nothing can go wrong with being a true steward or stewardess of Earth.

Consider hanging plants for a more vertical sense of perspective if you feel there is a whole lot of irking space between the floor and the ceiling. For a refreshing look, consider spider plants, English ivy, and ferns.

Aesthetically Styling Shelves, an Easy Way Out of Your Empty Space Living Room

By having shelves in your House and Lot for Sale in Daang Hari such as floating shelves be a decorative screen or space for the things you both love and need, you are making these other objects serve as a functional and aesthetically pleasing tool to rejuvenate your living room corner!

Your plants, interesting trinkets, your and your family’s favorite novels, medals, and trophies, picture frames of your latest family trips, basically anything and everything you want to show off, you can definitely put up on these shelves. By filling it up with a lot of well-loved things and memories, this simple storage space could turn into something meaningful. Your visitors will certainly be intrigued by such a shelf and will be interested in listening to your stories about each object and all the pieces up here.

Have an Office Nook for That Empty Corner

Many families have been incorporating a lot of workplaces around their houses ever since the work-from-home phenomenon took off and its trend came when the global pandemic took over. If you ever grow tired from the space of your room and yearn for another empty corner that lacks the comforts of your bed so that you would avoid dozing off instead of working, you can definitely dedicate an office air in a living room corner. A corner dedicated to productivity is such a great idea especially when the Ex-President of the US Barack Obama also has a space dedicated only to work as well.

Just fill space in the living room corner with a chair, a desk, a console table if you want to, and a couple of storage furniture and you are good to go! Just avoid having a window on display near your office space. You might become too caught up with daydreams.

Do Not Be Shy With Your Wallpaper!

Have you ever noticed how the background or the backdrop of a theater play can totally set the mood of the whole show? You can apply this to the four walls of your living room. And the easiest and most effective way to spice up a bare wall is by putting your creative ideas and juices into an artistic and aesthetically pleasing wallpaper!

How about replacing the bland color of your wall space with an eye-catching abstract wallpaper? How about striped? To match your indoor plants, how about flowers?

Basically, your wall does not always have to be a blank canvas for you to accessorize with shelves and paintings. Sometimes, it can already be a statement itself!

Irked by the Emptiness of Your Floor Space? Opt for an Area Rug!

To visually fill in the space of your floor (yes, even floors can bring a lot of bareness of just any room), you can put a nice looking rug! This is also very timely because it is the Christmas season and a good rea rug oozes a cozy and warm vibe.

Another fun activity you can do as a family by crocheting your own area rug during this Christmas break!

Aside from purchasing paintings, you and your family can opt to make your own paintings instead! Would not be a meaningful family bonding this Christmas? What is more precious than having a space on your wall dedicated to the works of your spouse, your dear children, and yours?

Be sure to frame them if you can! Merge and mix frames for a more aligned style because the themes of your paintings may vary. Perhaps this could serve as a last bonding experience every year! Replace old paintings that you made in previous years with new ones!

Decorating something as important and as exciting as a living room is something very much to look forward to. Do not hesitate to go wild with your imagination! 2023 is up and coming. Leave your insecurities, worries, and shyness behind.

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