Explaining the New Normal to Our Children

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Explaining the New Normal to our Children

Life has been different. It has been almost two years since the pandemic started. Some individuals may have adjusted to the new normal. However, there are still people who find it challenging to adapt to the changes. One of the most affected individuals is the children. The adults may have already understood the pandemic but the children might find it challenging to grasp the truth about the global situation.

The children might have heard things from the television or a social media outlet. There could be questions like “Why can’t we go out anymore? The malls, cinemas, playgrounds, and schools are closed. Everyone’s wearing a mask. Do we really have to?” Questions might arise but the children could be too confused or shy to even ask. As a parent or guardians and adults, it is part of our responsibility to reach out to the children and explain what is happening around the world. Be approachable to the child as you would be their pillar and guide for life.

How to Guide Your Children Through the COVID-19 Pandemic


Explain What is COVID-19

Children should be aware of the situation. They should understand what a pandemic means to be able to adjust to the new normal. Be honest about COVID-19. Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is an infectious disease. It spread globally and that is the reason why it is called a pandemic. To contain the virus and lessen the spread of it, individuals must wear masks at all times, have proper sanitation and practice social distancing. Masks are for the safety of everyone. Staying inside the house is an act of protecting ourselves and protecting other people, as well. Being inside does not mean it is 100% safe but it reduces the risk of getting infected. There are already vaccines available for adults. Get vaccinated. Protect yourself. Protect the loved ones. The children and the elderly couldn’t be vaccinated yet so extra measures should be taken to stay safe.

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Make Life at Home Fun

As a kid, one of the things that they find interesting and fun is playing outside where they can run free, bond with their friends, and build new ones. But ever since the pandemic, their homes became their new playground. As parents, it is still important to let them experience things whilst staying at home. Be the playmate and a friend. Use this to build a stronger relationship with your child. There are a lot of activities that your child can try. Play hide and seek like normal times. Build a mini house or fortress made of cartons and pillows. Play board games and card games. Watch movies and series together. Cinemas may have been closed but that doesn’t mean your child can’t experience it. Build your own home cinema by using a projector in a medium-lit room. Binge-watch shows and animated movies together. Another thing is staying active and healthy. Blast some music and unleash the inner dancer in your child. There are also stretching exercises that are suitable for your kids. The RFO houses and lots that Crown Asia offers have many rooms that an individual could use it as a theater room, playroom, or recreational room for the family.

This pandemic brought different changes for everyone which mostly are negative but this surely gave everyone the chance to spend more time with their family. The malls may entertain your child but nothing can ever compare to the feeling of having fun with your family. Bond with the kids, especially since they are still young. Take this as an opportunity to have more quality time with them because when they get older, there would be less time to bond with them. Life is short. A parent ages, too.

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Become a Teacher

Schools are open but on a virtual basis. Face-to-face or traditional learning is not yet possible for all schools as the COVID cases in different provinces vary. If the schools are having an online setup, the work of the parent is most likely to be a work-from-home setup, too. In cases where the parent must go out and be on the worksite, a guardian should always be left with the children. Teachers do exist but it would be better to be hands-on with our children. There are different learning approaches like auditory learning, visual learning, and individual learning. Having a mixed learning approach would guarantee a higher level of educational understanding. The child is also a student so the parents must also be a teacher. Making friends online has risks as there are many people who could be a potential danger to the children. As a parent or guardian, monitoring the children’s online activities and interactions is a must.

This is a new experience for both the children and the parents. This could make the parent-child relationship stronger. Celebrate the child’s accomplishments and remind them that failures are part of life. Be a good influence in their life as this would be one of the points that would develop the child’s personality. “The child is the reflection of the parent.” Continue to be a good human and as the future of the next generation, let your child be the best reflection of you. A home is also a reflection of the owner. Choose a suitable house and lot for sale in Cavite and enjoy the comfort and security of the new home.

A message of hope: Time will come when wearing a mask would not be a requirement again.

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