Establishing Your Online Credibility as a Seller

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Establishing Your Online Credibility as a Seller

More and more people have been consulting social media to figure out which brands they should buy, and which product to invest in. Sometimes, they consume directly online. Your grandmother who used to always ask you to help her turn on her phone has already got the hang of ordering online. Indeed, consumerism, though not entirely migrated but greatly had been established in the world of social media. This is why you should spend a significant amount of hours in your condo in Las Pinas to make even more assets aside from your day job and find ways to further establish a meaningful business and increase sales, you ought to do whatever you can to compete with all the businesses there are online. And one thing that can help with your business endeavor is by securing your credibility online.

Establish Credibility Online Is a Must

A strong social media presence can secure many buyers’ trust and the ultimate ‘yes.’ If people find out that you have no social media, they will immediately distrust you, or worse, think of incompetent. Try to put yourself in your own shoes. These days, when you are in your condo in Las Pinas, where do you usually go when you research something? More or less, your answer is the internet. Now, if you see the brand you heard is nowhere to be found online, most likely you will scrunch your nose, and opt for the brand that has close to 5-star ratings with thousands of reviews. This also shows that it is not enough that a brand or company is on social media. One must also have engagements with other consumers to further increase your credibility and social media presence.


What are the other ways to establish credibility that could help you with your career as a seller of real estate?

How to Establish Credibility Through the Internet

Here are a few ever-effective ways that can help you to build credibility to boost sales without having to step out of your condo in Las Pinas:

1. Have a high-quality website

Having an accessible, easy-to-navigate website, and eye-pleasing website will surely impress your aimed buyers. This is also a chance to market your products and services. Make sure all the details they need to know are there, and present them in pleasant ways to establish that you know what you are doing including marketing your services online! Additionally, try to update it with content as much as possible because hardly anyone would trust a brand whose latest website post is 2 years old. Continuously putting content and having seen the public engagements through them is a great way to make yourself look and be credible.

2. But also be available on other known online platforms

Just because you have a pretty website does not mean you don’t have to put up a Facebook page, Tiktok account, or Instagram business account. In fact, to be credible online, you must try to be present on every well-known social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. At the very least, you must have an active Facebook page but if you really want to increase your credibility and reach even more audiences, it does not hurt to build your credibility and presence in other platforms.

3. Encourage customer reviews and testimonials

As a consumer yourself, we bet you tend to look at reviews and ratings whenever you shop online. After all, ordering online is quite scary because you have not seen the products in person so one of the few people you can trust is the people who had already bought the products. With this, after a person had engaged in your services, encourage them to make a review or a testimony regarding your business! If you gave them top-notch performance, surely they will leave positive comments that will surely increase your credibility. These positive comments not only reflect your commitment to excellence but also create a virtuous cycle of trust. New customers, reassured by the experiences of those who came before them, will feel more confident in taking the plunge and making a purchase or an appointment through your online presence.


4. Trust seals and certifications

Especially since you are a licensed real estate seller, you must flex that you are legally allowed to provide your services! By displaying your licensure on your website, and marketing materials, you letting the world know that you are not just any seller desperate to make a sale, but you are a well-educated business person who is authorized and qualified to provide such services. This is significantly a credibility booster that you must take advantage of.

5. High-quality engagements and responses to feedback

When a consumer messages you, leaves a comment or a question on your website, or in any of your posts on other social media platforms, you must engage. It is a red flag for any business to leave their concerned customers hanging. By immediately responding to the messages of the customer, you are slowly but surely earning their trust because good communication is key to any kind of relationship. If you seem always unavailable, the customer will surely go to another seller that responds to their queries much faster.

Additionally, responding to feedback, whether positive or negative, will surely impress consumers because it will let them know that what they had to say was read by you, and through your empathizing response to them, they will truly feel that you give importance to how they feel regarding your services. By responding to negative comments that you have received their concerns and that you will do better the next time around, at least they will know that you are willing to improve yourself and thus your services and products will be much better than before. So do not be afraid of negative comments!

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