Early Christmas Shopping for the Holiday Season

By: Marge Santos
early christmas shopping

Christmas, the merriest and the brightest season celebrated in the Philippines. Filipinos also celebrate Christmas the longest and in the most joyous way possible. As early as September, Christmas carols already fill the air and it is only a week after New Year’s day when Christmas decors are being taken down and kept. Streets come alive with the brightest lights and colorful decors. Filipinos are able to find a way to celebrate Christmas season amidst the nation’s challenges and their personal struggles. It is quite noticeable how preparations are made for Christmas day celebration. It is not only evident in putting up of decors and turning homes, malls, landmarks and condos in the Philippines Christmas-ready. Filipinos also prepare for gift-giving on Christmas day. It is during Christmas that the generosity of the people take a front seat. It is a time when most people have something wrapped and prepared not only for family, friends, co-workers, classmates and acquaintances but for almost everyone. So, how does one prepare for a hassle-free Christmas gift-giving?


Christmas gift shopping is often viewed to be a nightmare for some. But keeping in mind the purpose of this endeavor, one may find it to be very entertaining and something to look forward to. Early Christmas shopping will allow one to enjoy the task without being burdened by limited time, other people rushing to buy gifts, traffic and other burdensome reasons. Shopping for every gift will be thorough and given much thought. The receivers of the gifts will feel the sincerity of the giver as it was carefully thought of. To turn Christmas shopping from a tedious and stressful endeavor to a fun and stress-free experience, here are some practical ways that may be undertaken:

Plan ahead

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Christmas shopping is an annual thing. Hence, a list may come in handy. A list of family and friends that one gives gifts to every year should already be drawn. Come up with another list should there be new acquaintances, new neighbors who are not included in the previous list. This is an efficient way to help one come up with the needed budget. It is also one way not to miss out on anybody. So, make sure to make that list and of course, check it twice.

  1. Decide on a gift that matches the people on the list. These gifts may be something wanted or something needed by the receiver. The thought of giving something meaningful to a person will be much appreciated.
  2. Research on where there is a best deal to purchase the gift particularly if the item is quite expensive. Compare prices and deals being offered before making a purchase.
  3. Keep updated on schedule of bazaars and malls going on sale to get the best deals. There are some who start shopping for gifts during sale after the Christmas season. When shopping for gifts way too early, avoid purchasing items that may no longer be trendy when Christmas comes.
  4. The list also serves as a guide to stick to the task at hand, which is to shop for items for the people on the list. A lot of time, shoppers end up buying stuffs for themselves when they see items they wanted. However, with the list on hand, they will be reminded of the purpose of the task at hand.

Set a budget.

The true meaning of Christmas is often experienced during gift-giving. When people show how grateful they were for the love and friendship they receive through out the year. It is best exemplified through the gifts they give, not to mention, how they are carefully wrapped to put a smile on the receiver’s lips. However, it doesn’t have to rip off the giver’s wallet. Gifts need not be expensive but it can definitely be sincere and coming from the heart. There are a few ways to give meaningful gifts without going overboard one’s budget.

  1. Start saving for Christmas shopping as early as January. Set aside a certain amount every month to form the Christmas fund. Cash purchases are better than using a credit card. It’s impractical to incur debt after the holidays.
  2. Determine how much should be spent on gifts. Inasmuch as there is joy in giving, one should be smart enough not to splurge on them.
  3. Save up on points on the frequent shopper’s card. These points may come in handy during Christmas shopping.
  4. Compare prices from online apps and those offered in the malls. Residents of a condo in the Philippines that happens to be near the malls are at an advantage. They may keep themselves updated on schedules of sale in the malls and the items as well as the prices of the items they intended to give as gifts. They would be able to save on shipping fee. Gift-wrapping may not also be a problem since malls offer this service for free.

Avoid last minute shopping.

Last minute shopping is highly stressful as well as costly. It might also mean that the gift one intends to buy is no longer available or it might be an old stock that is no longer in its best condition.

Place online orders ahead of time.

For gifts to arrive on time and to have enough time for wrapping the gifts, ensure to place orders early. There might be a delay in the courier service and the items may be delayed and won’t it make it to Christmas day. In instances that a wrong item is delivered, there will be ample time to have it returned and replaced or to shop for another gift.

Prepare DIY gifts.

For someone who is gifted in sewing, knitting, craft-making, cooking and baking, the works of their hands may be a priceless gift. However, materials or ingredients needed should be shopped ahead of time to ensure that they are still available and there would still be a reasonable time to make their gifts.

Avail of drop-ship arrangements with on-line sellers. Most on-line sellers allow this arrangement and this would be a practical way to send gifts to save on time. They might also offer gift-wrapping services for a minimal fee. If orders were placed ahead of time, the on-line seller would also be able to ship the ordered items early to avoid Christmas traffic and delay in courier service.

Send perishable gifts early.

Food gifts such as fruit baskets, baked goodies or anything related to food may be sent earlier than non-food gifts. For these kinds of gifts, it is best to avail of courier service that delivers within the day to ensure the freshness and quality of the food. It is advisable to book multiple drop-offs to save on time as well as on the shipping fee.

End Note

After each Christmas celebration, try to go over what happened. Should there be an untoward incident that caused anxiety, delay or other unfavorable incidents during the Christmas celebration, come up with a plan on how to improve on these areas, particularly if it happens to be in the area of gift-giving. Since no one can avoid Christmas, it would be helpful if one can do something to improve until such time that everything becomes smooth and stress-free.

Christmas day is a time to have fun with family and friends. Preparations for this day should bring joy and not stress. The key is doing things ahead of time. Doing things early would mean having more time to enjoy Christmas festivities with loved ones. It would allow one to fully immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit. After all, making other people happy should also bring joy to the giver. Christmas, after all, is the most wonderful time of the year!

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