Current Trends in the Philippine Real Estate Market

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The speed of life for most people is quite rapid. Before only a few people owned a car that they could use to go to work but now, even millennials can own one, whether they are still in a university or not. Even fashion has been tagged as disposable since it is ever-changing. Clothing lines had to dig their brains and extract more creativity since people find it easy and necessary to change style and keep up with what is ‘in’. Real estate developers also had to take more office hours in developing house and lots for sale, and condos for sale to keep up with the people’s needs. Hence, productivity often involves both creative and practical thinking which is a requirement for many fields.

Dr. Richard Wiseman, a British psychologist, claims that since the mid-1990s, the speed of life has accelerated globally by 10%. There are certain instances where it has even gone up by 20%. Wiseman suggests that the development of technology might be the cause of people’s shared feelings of urgency. The world’s perspective of time has been influenced by communication’s immediate nature. As a consequence, people are time-constrained, anxious, and overburdened as they keep pounding the route in a frenzied dash to a fictitious finish line despite not thinking if it will be of benefit in the future.

Putting emphasis on investing for both personal and professional growth is the soundest method to improve life quality and be successful, productive, and fulfilled. The quality of a person’s life, both now and in the future, is significantly influenced by the effort he puts up to constantly invest in himself and in the good things around him.

The Property Industry: Ever-Changing

One of the best ways to put up a good fight in the fast-paced world is through investments. Purchasing assets that appreciate value over time and offer returns in the shape of income checks or capital gains is the practice of investing. In a broader sense, investment can also mean devoting time or resources to bettering your own or others’ lives. However, in the realm of finance, investing refers to the act of purchasing stocks, real estate, and other valuables in an effort to generate income or capital gains. Among these things, real estate investment is a journey that may be both rewarding and profitable. In contrast to stock and bond investors, potential real estate owners can utilize leverage to purchase a property by paying a fraction of the entire cost upfront, then paying the balance, plus the interest, throughout a period. However, prior to investing in real estate, an investor must be proficient with the current trends in the industry to keep up with the fast-paced industry and make good investment choices.

What Are the Trends in the Real Estate Industry?

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is growing in importance as it quickly changes how people live and conduct their everyday activities. Technological innovation affects almost every aspect of human lives and has the power to transform whole industries, including the commercial real estate market. IoT, or the Internet of Things, describes the entire network of interconnected devices together with the technology that enables communication across them as well as with the server. This implies that commonplace gadgets like vacuum cleaners, automobiles, and robots might employ sensors to gather data and respond directly to consumers.

Technical developments have spurred the growth of smart real estate. The devices and sensors that are used to gather data have made significant advancements. This enables commercial real estate firms to stand out from the competition by providing clever solutions for managing numerous systems in clients’ houses and lotscondos for sale,  places of business, and public spaces.

A growing pool of investors

The Philippine outsourcing market played a part in the current economic expansion of the country and was the leading real estate investor in the country. Global company expansion and, most crucially, development in the real estate market were both aided by it. Because of outsourcing and foreign remittances, the Philippines’ commercial property market has been flourishing for years. This is because there is a high demand for office spaces and homes around the region.

Land ownership is limited only to Filipino citizens and local businesses and joint ventures that are considered Filipino nationals, hence it is often forbidden for foreign investors to directly acquire land located in the Philippines. However, by contributing up to 40% of the stock in local firms or joint ventures, foreign investors may indirectly acquire property. Additionally, as long as the property is held by a Filipino person or business, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of properties.

Overseas Filipino Workers are a major factor in the real estate sector of the residential real estate market. The bulk of residential real estate transactions in the Philippines are made by OFWs, who have been dubbed the “modern-day heroes” of the Filipino people. These purchases of house and lot and condominiums are what sustain the country’s flourishing real estate market.

From the city to the countryside

The demand for real estate in the provinces is expected to increase further as developers plan to build homes in rural and suburban locations. Many people are contemplating returning to their home provinces and investing in real estate there in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, work-from-home policies, and businesses’ embrace of remote working. Also because of the new developments such as microcities with residential and commercial buildings, the countryside is now an appealing residential investment location.

Green Spaces

Any city’s social, aesthetically pleasing, and commercial features benefit from having green areas. For city inhabitants, the presence of greenbelts and parks serves as a stress reliever. These were created to combat the unpleasant urban environments brought on by increasing urbanization. Its goal was to give individuals access to public green places so they could escape the bustle of their surroundings and recharge. If someone wants to invest in real estate properties, there are available condos for sale in the Philippines with excellent green spaces perfect for morning and afternoon walks.

Millennial investors

The residential market is dominated by millennials. Members of this age are capable of finding employment opportunities, have enough household earnings, and choose to live in middle- and upper-class neighborhoods. Investment firms are acquiring and renting out starter houses more often. The result is that millennials are purchasing more luxury houses than earlier generations. Millennials, a technologically adept generation, have significantly altered the home-buying process in recent years.

There are many well-funded developers in the Philippines, making real estate investing here viable. When making an investment, it is preferable to go with reputable, established developers because they are more dedicated to developing properties while taking current trends into account.

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