Creating a Themed Room For Your Daughter

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola

Perhaps your daughter had just recently graduated from preschool. Or her birthday is coming up and you want her to wake up to a surprise with a pretty change in her surroundings at your house for sale in Dasmarinas Cavite. Or you just want to simply show how much you adore your little female! Whether or not these may be the reasons why you aim to revamp your daughter’s room, all of these are valid and wonderful. The world becomes better when a person makes an effort to show how well-loved their child is, after all.

Why You Should for a Theme for a Girl’s Bedroom

Why have a theme in the first place? You have the option to have randomized trinkets and furniture in your child’s bedroom. But why not go for that option? Well, having a theme for your child’s bedroom design at your house for sale in Dasmarinas Cavite has a lot of pros.

From sparking creativity to creating a fun atmosphere, having a theme for your girl’s bedroom can give your child a sense of order. Her room will truly feel comfortable and homey because she knows exactly what she will see once she opens the door and is in awe of the aesthetic structure of it all. The school was a disaster because the class was way out of order. She will be excited to go back home to her adorned room perfectly designed and arranged in a way that makes sense. Additionally, having a theme in your girl’s bedroom at your house for sale in Dasmarinas Cavite would help your child’s brain to stay focused and not be scattered. Surroundings that are messy and have no sense of order can affect not only how a child performs and thinks, but also how adults do, too!

To add, the time that they are still young may be the only time you and your child can have a theme in the girls’ bedroom ideas. As children grow older, many tend to lose this kind of penchant as they deem it “childish.” So grab the opportunity before they decide to “grow up.”

Girl Room Theme Ideas

Below are a handful of trends, timeless, and classic girl’s bedroom ideas for a great revamp of the bedroom design for your girl’s room.

1. Go pink with Barbie.

Even with the upcoming Barbie movie that will surely get our local theaters packed this July 20, your child may have been a longtime fan of this timeless child doll as evidenced by the design of her school bag, supplies, and even lunch box. How about you extend this pink and playful doll theme to her whole room? Since Barbie has been popular for several generations now, there is surely a large array of decor, furniture, and other room products and accessories to choose from. From your local AllDay department store, Shopee, and even high-end luxury brands (you must take note that there are some collectible Barbie dolls that sell for thousands if not millions of dollars) you can find Barbie anywhere.

If ever your child loves Barbie, most likely they love the color pink, too. With this, you can consider buying a pink bed and pillow sheet covers, pink patterned wallpaper, and even a pink vanity mirror and drawer! We are sure that your child will feel like the fabulous princess she is in no time.

2. Support her bookworm self with a Harry Potter-themed room.

Another one of the most timeless bedroom ideas that many generations have adopted is Harry Potter. Though she cannot sleep under your staircase like Harry did, her bedroom staircase can be drawn or painted by you, her, and your beloved spouse! One of the best bedroom ideas for bookworms is to also write or paint the first page of their favorite book on the wall. Applying this idea will surely put your child at ease constantly seeing the words of her favorite book in an easily seen place. Another tip is to ask your child which House they belong to. Are they a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? Once they answer this, you will have an easy time which colors of furniture and other room trinkets you should buy. Gryffindor is known to own the red color, Hufflepuff is yellow, Ravenclaw is blue, and lastly, Slytherin is green.

You should also buy your child some Harry Potter-themed trinkets that they can store around their girl’s bedroom. You can order a wand online, a wizard/witch’s cloak, House-themed socks, and even their very own broom!

Additionally, you should also think of putting a bookshelf inside. Most Harry Potter fans are bookworms!

3. Bring the ocean to her through Little Mermaid

Did she fall in love with the new Little Mermaid? We did, too. And, trust us, a Little Mermaid-themed bedroom is so underrated. It is like a hidden gem, or pearl if we must say.

Look at the Pinterest boards and you will see what we mean.

If ever you plan to gift her a girl’s bedroom with a theme of Little Mermaid, the wallpaper obviously has to be blue. Paint waves, crabs, seaweeds, and fishes to level it even more up. Or, how about, teaching your child how to be responsible by buying her a real fish to take care of in her Little Mermaid girl’s bedroom?

We also suggest buying a mini microphone for her to belt out Part of Your World every now and then.

To add, since Little Mermaid is such a classic Disney movie, there are already a lot of existing accessories and decor that are themed to this childhood film. From drapes, mosquito nets, dreamcatchers, beds (the beds with a clam at its head? Yes, please!), pillows, and rugs, it is very possible to turn your girl’s bedroom into a mini aquarium. Be sure to also purchase an LED light chain that can glow blue to add even more to the ocean feel!

Of course, how about purchasing an open drawer where your child can store their gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, and whozits and whatzits galore?

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