Condo Gold Rush: CALABARZON’s Rise in Real Estate Investments

By: Patricia Soberano

The Philippines, a country renowned for its dynamic culture, breathtaking scenery, and warm hospitality, has been a top choice for real estate investments in recent years.

To be more specific, the region known as CALABARZON (a combination of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon) has seen a notable increase in condominium Philippines developments, contributing to what some have called the “Condo Gold Rush.” This simply indicates the region’s increasing popularity among investors and prospective homeowners.

Furthermore, real estate industry experts shared during the Lamudi webinar in collaboration with Westwind at Lancaster New City, last January 31, 2024, that the urbanization of cities beyond the National Capital Region (NCR) has brought upon a rise in demand in various residential divisions, particularly in vertical developments.

Although demand for condos in Metro Manila in 2023 was steady, Mark Bailey, Associate Director for Corporate Accounts Management at Lamudi Philippines, predicted that Cavite and the surrounding region would follow suit.

Additionally, the Colliers Philippines Research Director, Joey Roi Bondoc, also mentioned the surge in residential projects being initiated by developers outside of Metro Manila.


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CALABARZON‘s appeal to real estate investors is mostly due to its advantageous location close to Metro Manila, the nation’s political and economic center. Many people are looking for different locations that offer proximity to important commercial centers while giving a more tranquil living environment, as a result of the capital’s growing urbanization and congestion.

Moreover, it has also been reported that CALABARZON is a rapidly expanding region with sufficient infrastructure to support its size and rate of population expansion. Four of its five provinces were in fact among the top ten; with Rizal and Laguna obtaining the most leads in the economic price category.

A Positive Outlook for the South’s Real Estate Market

According to Sheila Lobien, the Chief Executive Officer of Lobien Realty Group, Inc., Filipinos are purchasing real estate in CALABARZON due to its lower cost of living when compared to Metro Manila.

Furthermore, the lifestyle facilities offered by CALABARZON condominium compounds have also been designed to meet the needs and preferences of contemporary living. These types of condominium Philippines provide a variety of amenities designed to encourage wellness, leisure, and community involvement, ranging from fitness centers and swimming pools to beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces.

In addition, condo living in the area is made more alluring by its close proximity to restaurants, retail centers, schools, and medical services.

In the Process of Offsetting National Climate Risks

With their initiatives to reduce climate risks, real estate developers in CALABARZON are actively promoting a more environmentally friendly and sustainable community, and buyers of real estate are at the forefront of this trend.

“Sustainability is a key consideration for many property buyers, whether you’re an investor or an end user… [It] is every Filipino’s responsibility, and it should be a key [concern], not just for property firms and developers, but also for investors and end users for the years to come,” Colliers Philippines Research Director, Joey Roi Bondoc said.

Real Estate Investment Potential

Condos in CALABARZON provide investors a desirable chance to earn both rental income and capital appreciation.

Considering the rising demand for rentals and the steady growth in property values, investing in condominiums Philippines provides a profitable opportunity. Furthermore, the region’s attractiveness to investors looking to diversify their portfolios is further enhanced by the government’s incentives for real estate investments as well as the pleasant business climate.

Over time, the real estate market in Region IV-A has indeed evolved. Property seekers and developers are shifting their investments to different property types located in CALABARZON as Metro Manila becomes increasingly crowded.

Where to invest in real estate in the Philippines?

While every province in CALABARZON has opportunities for investment, some are more prominent than others due to their robust growth prospects and advantageous market circumstances.

1. Cavite

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“Cavite was the most viewed location for condominium projects [on Lamudi], with the added infrastructure developments and incentives, it is becoming more interesting to look at condo investments in South [Luzon],” states Mark Bailey, Associate Director for Corporate Accounts Management at Lamudi Philippines.

Cavite offers opportunities for both commercial and residential development due to its close proximity to Metro Manila and emerging industrial zones. Locations with beautiful scenery and strong tourism potential, like as Tagaytay and Dasmarinas, are desirable places to invest.

2. Batangas

Batangas, which is well-known for its stunning beaches, also provides investment opportunities in real estate projects, industrial estates, and tourism-related enterprises. Real estate investors can find great opportunities in cities with a lot of economic activity, such as Batangas City and Lipa.

3. Laguna

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Due to its booming economy, which is boosted by technological centers, industrial parks, and educational institutions, Laguna is among the best places for real estate investment. Cities with prospects for residential, commercial, and industrial development include Santa Rosa and Binan, which are rapidly becoming more urbanized.

4. Rizal

Rizal is a desirable place to invest due to its close proximity to Metro Manila, natural beauty, and reasonably priced land. Investors seeking residential and recreational structures are drawn to Antipolo City in particular as it provides a blend of urban comforts and picturesque scenery.

5. Quezon

As CALABARZON’s largest province, Quezon provides a wide array of investment options, spanning from tourism and residential projects to industrial and agricultural enterprises. The expansion of infrastructure and economic growth are driving areas such as Lucena City and Tayabas City to become hubs for residential and commercial activities.

Bottom Line

The Condo Gold Rush in CALABARZON is a reflection of the area’s rise to prominence as a thriving real estate market with enormous growth and development potential. Due to its advantageous location, strong economy, and lifestyle options, CALABARZON remains a popular destination for investors and buyers seeking excellent chances in the Philippines’ rapidly expanding condominium market.

For investors who want to benefit from the growth and development of the region, investing in real estate in the CALABARZON offers an appealing option. On the other hand, for savvy investors hoping to establish a name for themselves in the Philippines’ booming real estate market, CALABARZON offers the ideal combination of potential as well as potential thanks to its advantageous location, economic vitality, and wide array of investment alternatives.

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