Condo Buying 101: What You Need to Know

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Condo Buying 101 What You Need to Know

You have decided that the time has come for you and your family to live in the upscale and premium home of your dreams: a Crown Asia condo for sale, an excellent choice in these modern times and the ever-evolving world.

Look around, look around! How lucky we are to be alive right now!

Have you not noticed that the world has been moving faster than ever in terms of modernization and progression? Don’t you want to be in the first row seats of the making of history? Live in a city where everything new and phenomenal unfolds! Living in a condo for sale, say Crown Asia’s The Courtyard in Taguig City, a city which could be considered the New York City of the Philippines, would be the right choice especially when you and your family want to be where everything and anything new happens!


Indeed, living in a prime condominium in a vast, busy city is really the ideal route to go in the 21st century. So when you and your family finally decide to move to one, you should ponder on many factors since, of course, you and your family deserve the best, especially when it comes to honing your homes. But, no sweat! We are here to guide you when you and your family are about to buy your very own condo to call your home! Here are factors that you must consider when buying a condo unit:

Location, location, location

You don’t want to live in the middle of nowhere, do you? You want to surround your dear children with a good, safe, and homely environment to have their first memories at. You want to enroll them in schools that are not only the best of the best but also very convenient to go to. You want to take your beloved spouse to the best restaurants that are just a stretch away for date nights. You want to avoid as much traffic as possible. This is why location is very important! Where you live is basically where your whole life will revolve around, so you must choose carefully when it comes to the location of your home. You want it to be in close proximity to everything you will ever need. And as an investment property, your condo building should be accessible and situated along main roads for you to have better choices of tenants.

Additionally, you also need to think about safety and emergency planning. Is the condo you are eyeing near fire stations, hospitals, and the like? Is it in a flood-free zone? Is it a safe neighborhood? These are the few questions you must keep in mind when looking for a new home.

Crown Asia’s top priority in building the best homes is location


Lucky for you, Crown Asia condo for sale offers just everything and anything good for you and your family especially when it comes to the ideal and best locations. Crown Asia always strategizes their locations. Of course, we want the best for you and your family! May it be Hermosa or Meridian, our Contemporary-themed condos in Las Piñas and Bacoor City, respectively, or Danish-themed Pine Suites Tagaytay, Italian-inspired Valenza Mansions in Laguna, or just previously mentioned, The Courtyard in Taguig, Crown Asia is indeed the real estate icon in everything in the field, especially when it comes to strategizing locations. Go and see it for yourself! All these condos are built in the safest and most progressive areas in our country that people would 100% admire and envy you for living in such beautiful and prime communities. A Crown Asia property is a prime real estate property.

The Condo community and amenities are a must in condo living

Want to swim? Go to the gym? Drink at your favorite coffee shop? What if we tell you that these things can be just a few mere steps from your room?

Pine Suites Tagaytay Pool and Benches

This is why amenities are such a great plus when it comes to homes! All the things people would put the time and effort to walk or drive to go can totally just be a few meters away from your home if your condo community has the best of amenities. Examples of amenities include a gym, party room, swimming pool, tennis courts, concierge, guest suites, and visitor parking.

Let us take The Courtyard, Crown Asia’s condo for sale in Taguig for example. Though in the midst of a dazzling metropolitan area, just as how almost any condo development is, this Crown Asia real estate provides a “staycation” experience for its residents with its resort-themed amenities coupled with an outdoor pavilion that is so green you would forget that you are in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the Metro. Isn’t that amazing? Forget checking in in Shangrila hotels, you are already in a hotel! And at the best one at that because it is your home. With The Courtyard, you can already enjoy a relaxing vacation in the midst of the city because of its amazing water amenities.

Take a look at the developer of your would-be home

This is one factor that is often overlooked but is actually the key to finding a great home for you and your family. With a great and reputable developer, you can already rely on and predict that their projects are all things great and the best. With the ideal developer as the builder of the condo complex of your dreams, many factors that you must consider already are all checked may it be its location, amenities, and the like.


Again, we offer Crown Asia for its developer is no other than Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc! Vista Land is the Philippines ‘ largest home builder – that creates communities for the nation’s loving and wonderful families just like yours! A chef’s kiss and premium lifestyle in a serene and safe community are like living in a dream. And we offer just that. We care about your well-being and whole lives in general and that is why not only do we build the prime and upscale houses and condos for sale with complete amenities, in the best of locations, with detailed security, and everything one looks for in REAL and the best real estate, but we also build homes.

So if ever you are looking for a place to call home, never hesitate to knock on our doors. You don’t have to, anyway, for they have always been open.

The Fun part and Things to consider

One thing you should definitely consider when buying a condo is the payments you’ll make. Will you pay a bigger down payment or not? What is your condo mortgage? When you are in the condo-buying process, make sure that your finances are taken good care of as you’ll be making numerous payments for a period of time to the developer. It will be a huge shame if you’re investment ends up in the hands of the bank. It is also recommended to consult with a real estate agent or a real estate professional as they are knowledgeable when it comes to future developments and possible ways to pay for your unit.

Living in a condo building with many amenities and a building to manage takes resources. Thus, condo association fees are one of the things condo owners will have to face. The condo owner will pay a certain amount, depending on the developer, to the condo board for the interior and exterior maintenance of the building. Also, don’t start to think that once you’ve fully paid for your condo unit you are the king of the castle. You will still have to abide by proper etiquette and condo community rules.

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