Clever Ways To Design Your Condo

By: Crown Asia
Clever Ways To Design Your Condo

Transform your dream condo space into a beautiful showcase! You don’t have to be an interior designer to personalize and decorate your living space!

If you’re about to personalize your condo, you’re up for an exciting challenge! But how do you curate a welcoming and refreshing space without having to turn it into a model unit? How can you try out a design that will suit your lifestyle without breaking the bank?

Styling your own unit as one of the more aesthetic condo owners builds a sense of independence and freedom for yourself, why? Its because you can finally add a personal touch to your own home! Not just a room, but an entire home! So make sure your condo in Bacoor has its own personality that is inspired by you, the condo owner and designer!

You can add a personal touch to every corner of your condo in Bacoor with these budget condo design ideas:

1. Go for a Classic and Minimal Base in your Condo Unit

It’s easier and less expensive to change the patterns of the walls of your home and the throw pillow than to change the patterns of your couch, or the texture of your carpet than the texture of your wallpaper. The most practical and timeless design choices for visual space are always neutral base colors like black, white, grey, or flat earth tones because they blend well with any color. When you’re up for something funky, then you can accentuate with a blue-green vase, or a mustard yellow pillow, or a graphic-printed ottoman.


Finding the perfect base for your designs in your condo in Bacoor makes for a great start in making your own home feel like yours with a personal touch even in the simplest forms like the base colors, designs and ornaments of your home.

2. Invest in Multi-taskers like a Multi-Functional Furniture to Maximize Floor Space

A well-organized unit has more space for style than a cluttered one. This means condo furniture is best if chosen according to proportion and other possible functions. For example, you can use open shelves as dividers between the living room and bedroom, a sideboard that doubles as linen storage, or low basket chairs that have secret storage space underneath them. You can also hang some accessories behind your mirror’s hidden wall. Have pull-out drawers underneath your bed. Exercising the creativity needed to maximize space will help you in discovering motifs to try out.


There are a lot of multi-functional furniture that you can buy online as well. Multi-functional furnitures are those type of fixtures or furniture that serves more than one function, some examples are sofas that can be turned into a bed in the evening or even tables that can be arranged to become a book shelf when not in use. Investing in these type of furniture not only saves space but saves you money as well because you don’t have to buy multiple furniture for various functions because you can have them just in one!

3. Design Vertically in your Condo Living Room

Floating shelves, overhead cabinets and utilizing wall space allow for the neat arrangement of personal items like knick-knacks, books, picture frames. This is also the perfect opportunity for the well-traveled homeowner to display memorabilia without tightening the space too much. If your condo will allow it, build a gorgeous and practical workspace with wall-mounted storage units, plant-holders, and pegboards.


You can hire professional builders to create a cabinet or mounted structure in your condo in Bacoor, putting them up your walls helps you manage space in your condo since the most issue for condos is the limited space or small spaces for bigger, bulkier furniture. Doing it vertically means that it can serve as a beautiful display as well for some of your memorabilia that shows more of your personality like your collections, trophies or even photos of your recent travels around the country or around the globe!

4. Nature will Nurture You

You can never go wrong with wood accents. It’s budget-friendly and durable, it adds a luxurious touch, and it brings an outdoorsy earthy feel to our otherwise cosmopolitan living. Couple it with nature-inspired pieces like wicker baskets, capiz shell decor, potted plants, or mirrors that capture natural light, and you have a well-lit and calming space that looks bigger and fancier than it actually is.


The easiest way to add a touch of nature to your condo in Bacoor is by adding plants to your home! There are a lot of house plants that you can grow in your condo, adding house plants bring in a touch and color of nature to your unit, its also a great way to make your home feel and smell fresh with its green colors.

5. Maximize Natural Lighting in your Condo Interior design

Lighting is a very important aspect in designing your condo, there are various ways to light your home. You can invest in bulbs, chandeliers and lamps that can serve as lighting for your home in the night or when you are doing tasks like reading a book, exercising our just relaxing in your condo.


But the best way to maximize lighting without spending a bit is by utilizing the light from the world’s biggest lightbulb, the sun! You can do this by having your windows opened during the day time, this will bring in sunlight and cool breeze making it a good way to ventilate your home as well. If you are not fond of opening windows you can use light material curtains like flowy white curtains so that light can easily pass through it when its sunny outside.

Live in a Condo Suitable for your Upscale Designs and Lifestyle

Designing your own condo is a great way to start your journey to personalizing your home, but where can you own a condo that will offer you the chance for this? One great option is Crown Asia’s condo in Bacoor, Meridian! Located in the bustling city of Bacoor, this property offers you a chance to enjoy upscale lifestyle in a prime and progressive location!


Your home is not only your sanctuary, it will also tell your story and the kind of lifestyle you live. Create a beautiful one by choosing the decorative pieces that are not only practical and charming but personal. After all, it is your personality that will give your space the beauty and love it deserves. Go create that space now!

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