Classic Series or Designer Series?

By: Crown Asia
Classic Series or Designer Series

Updated as of February 17, 2023

Crown Asia has been one of the leading developers in the country. Being the pioneer of thematic homes (horizontal and vertical) and communities, it has proven to its customers and clients why these premium house and lot for sale in master-planned subdivisions and condominiums are worth coming home to.

For more than twenty-five years, Crown Asia has been providing premium houses and lots, and condominiums in South Luzon that are heavily influenced by Western culture and the classics: Italian architecture, American house designs, and Caribbean-themed communities for its horizontal projects; and the modern and cozy design of Danish architecture and its San Fransisco architectural design for its vertical projects. These projects have been widely known for their thematic master-planned, communities, and their house models that stay true to their influence, but that’s not all…

If you have ever encountered the exhibit at EVIA Lifestyle Center’s Sky Art, Crown Asia explained the two options to choose from when buying a house in its projects: The Classic Series and the Designer Series.

But what are the Classic Series and the Designer Series?

Classic Series:

Classic, Simple, Elegant, Timeless


Classic series, a representative of our brand. It has been what we have always offered to our clients who appreciate the signature and branding of Crown Asia. From Italian to Caribbean, to American, each design’s planning and architecture (exterior and interior) shows what an “upgraded” lifestyle should look and feel like.

In the Classic Series, you will be able to choose from the house models available in the thematic communities, such as Poticelli having Italian-themed house models of Lladro, Franco, and Beryl to name a few; and La Marea with its western series house models of Hemingway and Newberry. These house models are planned by Crown Asia and follow the inspiration of the community’s thematic homes’ layout (with Italian houses having an asymmetric design, spacious rooms, high ceilings, and open terraces; and Western houses being rectangular in shape with a symmetrical facade, and gable roof).

These houses are built to the needs of growing families or those who plan to start a family and become their dream home, with the features of multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, having a large space for the dining area and living area for the family could make use of despite having furniture.

Designer Series:

Designer, Masterpiece, Maker, Creator


Designer Series is made and offered to clients who want to explore their creativity in designing the interiors of their homes. From its partitions, the allocation of space for each area, to the tiles of their flooring, and even to the style of their ceiling; everything that goes inside their houses will be under their control.

While still following the exterior design and shape of the model units of the thematic communities, these houses are free to be reinvented in their interior. These homes give designers the chance to create a house idea that fits their aesthetic and mood by giving them free rein at the floor space to build their own function rooms for their house that would be a perfect fit for them.

But that’s not all, Crown Asia’s Designer Series gives people a the chance to explore their creativity in these aspects as well:

Setting Up Designer Home Decor on your Walls

Being able to dictate how you will plan out your home layout, you can create or look for home decor that requires precision for its aesthetics and functionality. You will be able to put attention to detail with the littlest things in the house: in how you will use the corner, the walls, and so much more.

You can create a specific theme that interests you, from window styles and accessories, to the pillows design, place bookshelf dividers instead of a plain concrete wall, giving you the satisfaction of creating your special home.

Personalized Kitchen and Dining Room that Fits Your Needs

Being able to divide the spaces of your home gives you the ability to create your dream kitchen and dining room in any form that fits you.

Seeing the Bigger Picture in Small Spaces

You can’t escape having a small space in your home. Are you minimalist? Then this is your chance to create your dream home. Minimalist houses could often be associated with making small spaces big by putting things in a particular order. But even if you are not a minimalist, you can turn that small space into something else — a home office? Or maybe a reading nook, library for bookworms, or maybe yours or your kid’s personal play area. The possibilities are endless.

Maximize the Use of Natural Light

Though you are following the exterior facade of the house model, with windows already carved on the walls, you can still maximize the use of natural light in every area in your Designer Series house by plotting how and where you will put the rooms, so you could have more natural light in your home.

Which fits your style?

When choosing whether to go with the Classic Series or the Designer Series is up to your preferences. Before choosing between the two properties, ask yourself: are you someone who will enjoy taking the time and effort to create something for your home; or are you someone who already has a picture of their dream home and can’t wait to move in now?

If you are someone who likes to personalize your house and has specific needs, then the Designer Series is the one for you. As of now, Crown Asia has three Designer RFO house and lot for sale in Ponticelli that are waiting for you to create something like a sculptor with marble.

But if you are someone who is ready to move in with your family, then the Classic Series is the one for you. With the Classic Series, you and your family can move in immediately and then personalize your home by filling it with your home aesthetic like a painter and a blank canvas, then the Classic Series is the one for you.

So, are you a Classic or are you a Designer?

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