CAMP-ed: Fighting Homesickness – Straight from OFWs

By: Crown Asia Marketing Professionals: Armi Raelle Macaraig & Chris Jerome Sanji
CAMPed Fighting Homesickness Straight from OFWs

Being away from your loved ones is indeed a challenging move. Social constructs dictate that parents should always be with their kids and should be able to provide for them at the same time.

This is not the case for most of our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). The time spent on their families is replaced by time spent working to provide.

Homesickness is, therefore, a hurdle they always need to surpass. We have asked OFWs to share tips on how to cope up when these occasional blues arise.

Online Communication Apps

Online Communication Apps

Fortunately, today’s technology connects people in every part of the world. Those virtual hugs and comforting words somehow help ease the burden of being away from each other.

We’ve asked some OFWs on how they stay connected:

“Make yourself busy with different things like shopping. Also, keep in touch with your family through different social media apps,” said Sony, an OFW from Taiwan.

“When I was still single, I enjoyed shopping and hanging out with my friends there. But when I got married and was gifted with a son, homesickness strikes a lot so I always call my family through Facebook Messenger, Viber or Facetime,” said Grace from Singapore.

“With the aid of modern technology, video calling is one of the best ways to fight homesickness, next is through voice calls, online chatting and if it didn’t suffice, I will go back to the Philippines for a visit or book them a flight to Singapore,” shared Allan.

Social Media Posts and Stories

Social Media Posts and Stories

People tend to post the littlest of happenings on their social media accounts. From life milestones to a bowl of cereal, you name it, you’ll find it on everyone’s social media accounts. This habit unbeknownst to most helps OFWs on being on the loop with people that matter most to them.

Movie and Television Series Streaming and Subscriptions

Movie & Television Series Streaming and Subscriptions

Some OFWs choose to spend their free time watching television series and movies. Netflix is top of mind. Whether it is action, rom-com, sci-fi or Korean drama, a click of a button is all they need to spend the day away.

Online Shopping Stores

Online Shopping Stores

Being overseas, buying and sending gifts for their loved ones has always been a challenge. Two of the most used apps now by Filipinos are Lazada and Shopee. An OFW can simply send gifts by “adding the items to their cart” and directly send it to their relative’s address. Trusted couriers based locally will do the job for them and all these without hurting their savings.

homesickness reward a trophy home

Homesickness reward: a trophy home

Becoming an Overseas Filipino Worker entails a lot of sacrifices. They work hard to give the best of everything for their loved ones in the Philippines. That is why coming home should always be a reward to them.

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*This featured article is written by Crown Asia’s official direct marketing arm: Crown Asia Marketing Professionals (CAMP).




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