Budding Local Cafes in Laguna to Satisfy Your Caffeine Fix

By: Crown Asia

Are you one of those caffeine junkies who are dependent on a cup of coffee to bring that increased level of dopamine to get you through the day? Don’t fret! Since coffee has been a staple beverage regardless of the changing seasons, most areas maintain a good pose when it comes to thematic and well-maintained cafes all around the Philippines. Small and rising coffee shops are now budding outside Metro Manila where you can enjoy a sip of coffee in a serene environment such as in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

But, is everyone really fond of drinking coffee? Surprisingly, according to a recent study, each Filipino is bound to drink 3.78 kilograms of coffee every year by 2025. Think about how many coffee beans that are. That’s about 2-3 cups of coffee in a day! This posits an advantage for the reason that consuming the right amount of coffee reduces the risks of heart failure, liver cancer, and diabetes. It can also hinder the possibility of having mental illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. To add to the list, coffee can also boost your mental and emotional health by decreasing the risks of depression up to one third. With these data, it is safe to say that taking a cup of coffee helps you get through your daily errands and through your living age!


With the rising residential demand outside Metro Manila such as houses and lots for sale in Santa Rosa, Laguna, local entrepreneurs make sure that you can still enjoy a sip of coffee wherever you are! With this, we jotted a number of quaint cafes in Laguna that can satisfy your coffee rush! This is for all the coffee lovers here in Laguna.

Best coffee shops in Laguna to get your coffee fix


Photo from facebook.com/sulyapgallerycafe

Take a step back and travel back in time by visiting the rustic Sulyap Gallery Café in Barangay del Remedio, San Pablo City, Laguna. This country cafe promotes a picturesque and historical interior design that is fit for your Instagram feed! Sulyap Gallery Cafe restores the previously-built casas with its capiz shell windows and wooden furniture. If you have a heart for history, this cafe has a gallery showcasing different kinds of relics, religious and ancient artifacts, and antique ceramics. Aside from its array of coffee variants, Sulyap Gallery also offers scrumptious native Filipino dishes that will give a local twist to your serene coffee shop visit.

Fluff Koppi Cafe – Mabitac, Laguna


Photo from facebook.com/Fluffkoppicafe 

Modern, chic and minimalist, all of these describe the trendy Fulff Koppi Cafe in Mabitac, Laguna. Your Instagram feed will absolutely sync with this minimalist cafe with its wooden accents, earthy tones and clean interiors. The posh cafe also brags its tasty fluffy meals and sweet beverages. Don’t forget to try their mini pizzas, soft cookies and ube macchiato that will definitely satisfy both your cravings and knack for a pretty feed.

Hiraya Manawari Cafe – San Pedro, Laguna


Photo from facebook.com/TheDearChubby 

Hiraya Manawari means “reach for your dreams” in Ancient Tagalog language; and this rustic cafe in San Pedro, Laguna lives up to its name. Their strong yet delicious coffee will literally help you reach your dreams by providing the extra kick you need to successfully tick off your daily to-do list and career goals. Aside from your increased dopamine level from the coffee, your energy will further be boosted by the sweet and delightful pastries and dishes. This bucolic yet vibrant cafe’s aesthetic will also help you have the work environment that you need to hype your creativity! This cafe is located along the National Highway in San Pedro, Laguna.

Dear Joe Valenza – Sta. Rosa, Laguna


Have you met Joe? Dear Joe is a serene and posh cafe that trips you to a memory lane with its kick for hand-written letters. Dear Joe is the first handwriting cafe in the Philippines with over nine branches and counting nationwide. While waiting for your so-loved, tasteful cup of coffee, you may write a short, heartwarming, hand-written letter to your friends, family or even for yourself and have it sent out for only fifty pesos. This retro, American-themed cafe is also boasting of its aesthetically pleasing interior design as it follows its mother brand’s eye for beauty and world-class inspirations. It showcases a modern, rustic vibe partnered with indoor plants and chic wall decorations that will surely hand you a serene and calm coffee break experience. Apart from their well-thought out and sweet coffee variants, their menu also includes delicious food such as salads, pasta, pizza, pastries and other entrees that give you a maximum café satisfaction.

Dear Joe also promotes convenience especially to the residents, investors and unit owners of Valenza Crown Asia by being right at the driveway of this prime community. The premium property developer of Crown Asia by Vista Land offers houses and lots for sale in Santa Rosa Laguna that exhibit timeless elegance with its open and green space, and Italian-inspired houses and amenities. Likewise, Dear Joe also has a drive-thru option if you want to have your tasteful coffee to-go!

Other notable coffee shops in Laguna

  • Casa San Pablo in Barrio San Roque, San Pablo city
  • Muni Coffee in Kalayaan, Laguna
  • Santan Cafe in Calauan, Laguna
  • Siento Cafe in Los Baños, Laguna

Some of these cafes offer al fresco dining. Aside from the good food that they offer, some also provide magnificent views of the surroundings and unique drinking experiences as some are found in hard-to-reach areas. But thanks to the infrastructure developments by the DPWH and Secretary Mark Villar, travel to these areas from Metro Manila will be easier. 

House and lot for sale in Sta Rosa Laguna | Valenza


Are you wondering how to take advantage of these budding and flourishing local coffee shops, even high end restaurants in Laguna? We recommend that you visit houses and lots for sale in Santa Rosa Laguna such as Valenza by Crown Asia along Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road. Valenza is an upscale and vibrant residential community that offers prestigious living in a serene and secure environment while still having access to the comforts of the Metro. This 22-hectare Italian-inspired community in Sta. Rosa, Laguna reflects the unique and romantic vibe of Italy with its array of impressive Italian-inspired houses amidst a well-crafted neighborhood complete with picturesque statues, fountains, walkways, and a beautiful garden. Amenities of the community include a swimming pool, clubhouse, and spacious pocket gardens. Consisting of three phases, house and lot for sale in Laguna- Valenza, offers a wide variety of property choices such as house and lots (RFO and NRFO) and lots only. House models have floor areas ranging from 109 sqm to 221 sqm with 3-4 bedrooms.

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