Biking Routes You Can Take in South Luzon

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola

If you ever want to be more out of your Laguna house for sale Philippines and be more active and outside to explore what the world had always been ready to offer you, perhaps, this summer, you should add making good use of your bike that has been untouched for ages to check out the roads and routes that you have not taken.

Cycling had become popular ever since the pandemic happened. Many people had become way too bored indoors and had decided to find another way to pass the time outside of their houses-biking. And up til now, you probably have seen numerous cyclists continuously heading through the city and towards who knows where during one of your rides to work or to go back to your house for sale Philippines. You probably have felt nervous for them. After all, to leave the comfort of the indoors and go to and navigate one of the wildest roads in the world is quite a daring thing to do. A lot of people find the city streets of the Philippines quite a jungle of their own. But, we also bet that you have also gazed at these cyclists with wonder. Your inner adventure junkie yearns to have the same details on their face that show they are having a blast of their lives. Perhaps during your next vacation, it is the perfect chance to pick this hobby which can take you to the most wondrous of a place and views, a suitable route to go especially when you also want to get good exercise while during the exploration of a tremendous journey.

Benefits of Cycling

Cyclists are quite blessed to have developed such a popular hobby because it has a lot of handful of benefits for your mental and physical well-being!

Lose weight

Conquering steep climbs during your bike ride could definitely help you achieve body goals especially when you make touring the area with your bike a daily hobby. Studies show that per hour, biking at a moderate speed and elevation would make you lose 300-600 calories! So, if ever you are too lazy to hit the gym, perhaps you can opt to explore Santa Rosa city and/or Tagaytay instead! And if ever you feel like you deserve a treat for working so hard, you can get yourself a ride on some of the Tagaytay famous bulalo or buko pie!

Improve your cardiovascular help

Every year, more and more people die because of heart problems. And, shockingly, the number one cause of death in the world is no other than cardiovascular diseases. So, you really need to take good care of your heart. Read and read all the details of a heart book, and you will find out that one of the best ways to help fight heart disease is exercise. And going out of your way to bike instead of taking cars to go to your destination is a great form of exercise for it is known to strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation.

Clear your mind

Just like any other form of exercise, cycling triggers the release of endorphins, which are natural mood enhancers, and this could in turn lead to the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression in cyclists. Additionally, biking around natural surroundings and mountains offers a calming effect on cyclists, promoting relaxation and enhancing mental clarity. Your trip to your ideal visit to faraway places could also give you a good sense of accomplishment!

Bike Routes You Can Ride in South Luzon

Although just biking along roads without a clear sense of destination is indeed the peak adventurous ride but if you are new to the bike game, it is advisable to have a bike route to follow so that you will be saved from the worry of getting lost, and can just truly enjoy your bike ride more. Below are some of the bike routes in South Luzon you can follow:

La Mesa Nature Reserve

If ever you are still nervous to ride a bike in the city, and be bare on the road, perhaps you can try out La Mesa Nature Reserve wherein you will bike around in a forest-like area. Located in Quezon City, this nature park offers many routes and spots for the most splendid experience for hiking and biking. Make sure you reserve in advance though because they do not allow walk-ins! If ever you still do not have a bike, no need to worry because they also have bikes for rent to use during your stay at the nature reserve!

Filinvest Alabang Bike Trail

Located in Muntinlupa, we have another beginner-friendly bike route to suggest. Lengthening to over 5 kilometers, you can showcase or practice different tricks one can do with their bikes for this bike trail has 8 different types of steep slopes that would add more excitement to your route.

You can also enjoy Alabang‘s 244-hectare business and leisure space that are full of bike lanes that are safe for you and your family to navigate.

Santa Rosa to Nuvali to Tagaytay and Back

This is probably the safest and one of the most popular biking road routes near Metro Manila. To test out your skill levels, starting from the heart of Santa Rosa, perhaps near Enchanted Kingdom, you can navigate the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road and enjoy an over 2-hour workout to go all the way to the breathtaking views of Taal Lake and Taal volcano. You will most probably have a lot of fellow cyclists on the same route as yours so feel free to make friends along the way! To end this trip, you will truly have an exhilarating experience with the wind as you head back to the City of Lions from the mountains of Tagaytay.

Indeed, cycling is becoming a popular hobby and sport in the Philippines, and it would do you and your family a lot of good if you try it out! Just be careful!

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