Best Parks to Visit in Laguna

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola

Laguna is one of the most ideal places to visit and live in for it is the best combination of rural and urban. You can very much see world-class restaurants and brands that you can also see in the city but they are in areas in which greenery is still very much dominating. There are also very historical places scattered across the province such as the Rizal Shrine and the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. If ever you are new to the area and if you want to go out of your subdivision in Cabuyao Laguna and tour the best Laguna tourist spots, aside from Enchanted Kingdom, the store of the most popular buko pie in the Philippines, the Original Buko Pie of Los Baños, you very much need to take advantage of your Laguna province and start touring its parks for it is home of the most famous of parks in the country.

If you are living in a subdivision in Cabuyao Laguna, you are sure luckier than those who want to enjoy the best of fresh air immediately but cannot because of the traffic in Metro Manila, because, unlike those who live in the city, you have easy access to all the tourist spots in Laguna including its parks.

Parks That Are Laguna Tourist Spots and Things to Do There

Laguna is blessed with lots of environmentally-filled tourist spots. You may be surprised at the number of nature parks they have there. Here are a handful:

Japanese Garden

Along the beautiful lake in Laguna that is called Caliraya in which you can also enjoy beaching and doing other water activities is a historical park with the dainty name of “Japanese Garden.” Serving as a memorial park where Japanese soldiers died during the Second World War, it was built in 1978 and had only been recently opened to the public. You and your family can take advantage of this by having romantic strolls and picnics in this Laguna Park. Indeed, for just a mere 20 pesos you can already have a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing date on such a historical site! Just by looking at the pictures, you can already tell that these grounds are as peaceful as peace can be. With large, lush trees, a couple of bridges that go over ponds, and moss-covered stairs, you can tell that this place, though curated by humans, has all the wonderful touches of nature.

Makiling Botanic Gardens

Just by looking at how majestic and lush Makiling is, anyone can tell that within are many parks and gardens one can visit and have a moment of tranquility in. One of these is the Makiling Botanic Gardens which is located in Laguna’s best-in-rank university which is the University of the Philippines – Los Baños also known as UPLB which is just a little away from your subdivision in Cabuyao Laguna. Just an effortlessly beautiful park, these gardens are home to many ferns, moss, birds, reptiles, and amphibians that you may want to keep a keen eye for! Just imagine an afternoon of meditation here just listening to the natural sounds of nature. You may add more years into your life just by the health benefits you can get by going to the place often to find peace. If ever you want to know more about all the plants and animals you may see here, you can pretty much consult the staff there because guided tours and even field trips are available in this Laguna tourist spot!

Santa Elena’s Fun Farm

If ever you want to visit a more child-friendly place, you may opt to go to the Fun Farm at Sta. Elena, Laguna! A splendid outdoor area where people of all ages can enjoy an abundance of outdoor facilities, you will surely experience the most fun at Fun Farm. Chase each other around at the garden maze, go row boating, and test out your strength and agility through its many obstacle courses before resting and enjoying the view of the place’s tree house while going at it again by trying their zipline, there is hardly any excuse for anyone not to have fun and be active at such a park. To add, what is a farm without animals? You and your children may engage in horseback riding, or even the carts that are pulled by carabaos, such as garden maze, obstacle courses, tree house viewing deck, and mini zipline. Visitors may also experience horseback riding, riding on carabao-pulled carts, and feeding some rabbits and guinea pigs! Bring some picnic materials and a mat for you are most welcome to picnic at their grounds. While resting, you may watch something at their famous amphitheater! Indeed, this fun farm exceeds in expectations with the amount of services and things you can do here. Be sure to book a visit at their website soon!

Nuvali Park

Nuvali boasts the Nuvali Park with a large man-made lake filled with numerous koi fish. Visitors can purchase fish food for 20 pesos to feed the fish and enjoy boat rides on the lake. The park’s grounds make it ideal for picnics and biking, while its eco-friendly installations like Last Tree, Community of Creation, Flower Primitive, and Luksong Lubid showcase the perfect blend of nature and modernity.

Seven Lakes of San Pablo

Situated in the heart of the province of Laguna, the Seven Lakes of San Pablo City form an enchanting series of seven ancient crater lakes, steeped in rich history and natural allure. These lakes were shaped centuries ago through volcanic activity, and each one possesses its own distinctive charm and fascinating legends. Among the seven lakes are Lake Sampaloc, Lake Bunot, Lake Calibato, Lake Pandin, Lake Yambo, Lake Palakpakin, and Lake Muhicap. Embraced by lush green landscapes and abundant wildlife, these lakes have emerged as a favored destination for eco-tourism, beckoning travelers to partake in boat rides, scenic hikes, and revel in the unspoiled splendor of this captivating sanctuary. There are also parks located around the lake to stay at.

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