Benefits of Joining an Exercise Group

By: Marge Santos
exercise group

Doing something with like-minded people is enough motivation to start on something and keep at it. With the new year nearing, isn’t this the best time to do something that is beneficial and worthwhile? A lot had happened in the past year and a lot have felt a change in their health conditions. After being cooped up in the house for a few years, all were eager and excited to go out and do a lot of things that they feel they missed out on during the pandemic. However, if there was one lesson learned from the pandemic, it was the importance of having a healthy body and strong immune system. Hence, the need to focus on having a healthy body and to engage in physical activities that focuses on optimum health should be a priority.

While a number enjoy going to the gym and having their workouts alone, there are those who lack the motivation to undertake fitness activities on their own. A number of people find it more fun to have a gym buddy or even a whole class to achieve physical recreation. It is amazing to know that there are group exercise classes being offered in gyms and fitness centers.

Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness is any form of exercise or training done with other people. It may either be for physical fitness or physical recreation where both activities are aimed to improve fitness, build a better body as it promotes weight loss and toned body, and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Workout activities mostly are designed for any fitness level.

Benefits of Joining Group Exercise

Health Benefits

  • Like most fitness activities, fitness classes are geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle for its participants. It focuses on teaching healthy habits that reflects the attitudes and values of an individual or a group that is not just limited to physical wellness but also includes emotional and spiritual wellness.
  • Being part of a group exercise shows evidence of improved mood as well as increased social engagement and community connections which are essential for mental health.

Qualified Fitness Expert

  • The best part of joining group exercise classes is having a professional fitness instructor or a fitness guru who leads the group. This is the closest thing to having a personal trainer without putting a dent in the wallet.
  • The fitness expert leading the class show the participants how to execute each move properly, guiding each one so no one is left behind.
  • The instructor help correct one’s form whenever it is a little off thereby avoiding possible injuries.
  • The fitness instructor ensures that each participant is able to catch up with the movements and move accordingly with the group while everyone having fun during the workout session.
  • Different instructors have different styles and being exposed to more than one instructor prevents reaching a plateau when it comes to one’s fitness activities.

Easy Workout

  • Somebody plans the workout for the participants.
  • The workout plan is made simple as participants just need to follow instructions of the fitness instructor.
  • One gets to experience a different kind of fun as the workout routines as well as the playlists are designed for everyone’s enjoyment.

Social Engagement

  • Camaraderie is formed during the classes where participants are encouraged to show up in each class and push on despite difficulty knowing there are other people cheering them on.
  • Friendships are formed with fellow workout attendees as each interacts with one another during the sessions.
  • Aside from the bonds formed with classmates, group fitness classes are fun compared to doing workouts alone.
  • In terms of progress, a class member gets to motivate oneself to do better in every session so as not to let down other members of the class. Besides, there is no greater push than to be cheered on during difficult routines and be given a pat on the back after successfully passing a difficult hurdle.

Offers a Variety to One’s Workout

There comes up a point in a fitness enthusiast when fitness routines done over and over again become stale and might even hinder results. Joining a group exercise class from time to time, however, breaks this monotony and is a great way to switch things up.

Fitness Centers Offering Group Fitness Classes

In Las Piñas City and nearby areas, there are a number of gyms offering group fitness classes . For residents of a condo in Las Piñas or for someone who is considering to purchase a condominium unit in the said city, pursuing a healthier and fit lifestyle through group exercise classes is not difficult.

Equipments in the gym
  1. Surge Fitness + Lifestyle – Located at Westgate in Alabang, they offer a diverse fitness lifestyle environment that is aimed to improve the overall well-being. They offer Zumba classes as well as aerial yoga classes among others.
  2. Yoga Philippines – This life changing place located at Aquapark in Hillsborough Village in Alabang, offers joy in every class as each is solemnly designed to nourish the body, mind and spirit.
  3. HMD Studios – This studio is located in the neighboring city of Las Piñas specifically at the corner of President’s Ave. cor. Jackilou Ville in Parañaque City. They offer low impact classes including Yoga, HIIT Pilates, Animal Flow and Power Tumbling. Their class attendees claim that their classes are fun and engaging and newbies and first-timers feel welcomed as instructors are helpful and attentive.
  4. Saddle Row – Rockwell – This fitness studio that is not for the faint at heart will require a little travelling from Las Piñas City as its location happens to be at the Powerplant Mall in Hidalgo Drive in Makati City. But it is worth the trip for cycling and rowing enthusiasts. Saddle Row is a boutique fitness concept that merges customized and measured workouts in a stylish dual concept studio space.
  5. Rave Studio – This fitness center, located at Ayala Malls The 30th in Meralco Avenue in Pasig City, offers a 50-minute rave group classes. They offer two types of rave classes namely Rave Cycle and Rave Circuit. This is a physical recreation where one gets to sweat while enjoying a dance party type of workout class.


There are activities that are more fun and enjoyable when done with other people. Pursuing a fit and healthy body is an activity which brings amazing results when performed with others. Most of the time, the absence of enthusiasm when pursuing a fitness activity stems from doing it alone. Hence, to get maximum results and from workouts, try to engage in group exercise classes. It might be a surprise to see the benefits of attending these fitness classes might do not just for the body but for one’s general well-being. So, in the coming new year, cheers to a healthier life!

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