Beat the Heat: Refreshing Filipino Drinks and Desserts for the Summer

By: Rehian Vicente
Beat the Heat Refreshing Filipino Drinks and Desserts for the Summer

Brace for warmer days as the Philippines’ hot dry season begins. It is not a surprise for Filipinos to experience extremely hot temperatures as we are expecting it every year. This season is not for the weak of heart. It is the time when most groups or individuals explore different itineraries that will surely catch everyone’s attention. Most of them went to beaches, resorts, or hotels to stay while some choose to hike on a mountain, camp in the forest, or more. But if you don’t want to go outside on a hot summer day, then having cold drinks or desserts that tease the taste buds will help you to relax. Below is the list of refreshing drinks or desserts you can order or make on your own. And for those who have a sweet tooth, this list is also for you!

Overcome the Summer Heat. Here is a list of refreshing treats, drinks, and desserts you can make in your home

1. Lemonade

A healthy and refreshing drink is one of the most sought beverages during summer. With its sour and sweet combination, it helps our body to relax despite the hot weather. Besides that, it also contains vitamins since Lemon is its primary ingredient, it contains a huge amount of vitamin C and other minerals that will aid your body against diseases. A perfect drink for the season.

2. Halo-Halo


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Halo-halo or “mix-mix” in direct translation, is a Filipino’s favorite dessert during summer. It is a combination of different ingredients like tapioca, pandan, ube, leche flan, condensed or evaporated milk, some beans, and crushed ice. Mix it well as the combination of flavors is what makes it unique from other desserts. You can share it with your neighbor at Citta Italia or at any residences handled by Crown Asia. You can buy it at any fast-food chain and is a staple at most Filipino restaurants, you can also search for its ingredients and make your own inside your newly-bought house at Crown Asia. Classic halo-halo never fails to qualm the heat.

3. Leche Flan

If you want some desserts that are meant to be eaten, then this is the best choice for you. Leche Flan is a classic Filipino custard dessert with caramel toppings or the Filipino variation of Crème Caramel. Store it in the fridge since it is best eaten when it’s cold perfect for the hot summer. Although for some groups, it is only made whenever there are festivals or occasions but still you can always make your own Leche Flan whenever you like. You can always share it with your friends or neighbors at Crown Asia-owned residence, or you can also sell it to your relatives.

4. Buko Pandan


If you want something to drink and chew, then Buko Pandan is the best choice for you. It is made of pandan (leaves), buko, green jellies (for color consistency), and sweetened milk. It is available in different stores and you can also make your own since it is easy to make. You just need to complete all the ingredients and mix it all up in a large bowl or container and find the right sweetness for you. Chill it in the fridge and enjoy! And with the leftover fresh buko juice, you can have an extra refreshing drink available to you.

5. Sago’t Gulaman

It is often partnered with street foods and other comfort food. You can always enjoy this drink since it is sweet which most Filipinos prefer. You can always enjoy this during summer or even on regular days. It is made of gelatin, sugar, and pearls. It is best when it’s cold so don’t forget to add ice. You can also make this your business since it is also easy to do.

6. Fruit Shakes


Fruit shakes are healthy and refreshing. The innate sweetness of the fruits plus the creaminess of the milk combined together will surely bring you to a destination. Just pick the fruit of your choice (mangoes, watermelon, apple, pineapple or even combining different fruits at once) and blend it with crushed ice, apply milk and sugar and taste it. You can always add other ingredients depending on what you want. You can make it at any season actually. It is also best for kids since it contains vitamins and minerals that come from the fruit. But remember, there is still a limit since too much sweets intake can result in disease.

7. Iskrambol

Ice scramble or iskrambol is a common Filipino street beverage that is sold by roaming vendors. It is cheap and it is really delicious. It is a combination of flavored shaved ice, milk powder, marshmallows, rice crispies, and chocolate syrup. You can buy it for as low as 5 pesos. You can also make it on your own.

8. Milk Tea

Milk Tea is probably one of the favorite drinks of Filipino teens. It actually originated in other countries but was made popularized by different stores adding Filipino flavors that incorporated well with the drink such as Macao Imperial Tea and Serenitea. It is probably why most Filipinos are going after it numerous times. It is simple to make. You’ll only need milk, tea, and some tapioca pearls. Incorporating this context to the analogy of Crown Asia residences, we aim to attract our customers and make them come to us numerous times with our very accommodating employees. We always make sure to give our comforting smiles as we guide them in exploring our residences.

9. Coffee Frappe


Filipinos really love coffee. It is their go-to breakfast often partnered with hot pandesal or a complete set of meals (fried rice, eggs, sausage, dilis, and many more). But with some innovations, Filipinos think of drinking coffee despite the hot weather. Coffee frappe is an iced coffee with whip cream, chocolate syrup, and some sweet toppings. It is practically like a fruit shake but with coffee. It is enjoyable to drink, with its coldness and the flavor of coffee that Filipinos really enjoy the most.

10. Saging Con Yelo and Mais Con Yelo

It is like a halo-halo but with limited ingredients. It is primarily composed of corn or bananas with crushed ice, sugar, and evaporated/condensed milk. Mix it well and enjoy eating/drinking it in hot weather.

11. Ice Candy

Last but not least is the ever-famous and reliable ice candy. Ice candy is simply any drink/liquid dessert frozen in a small plastic bag. It is sold from sari-sari stores to your local roaming vendor. It is simple and easy to make, heck even your kids can do it.

The varieties of refreshing drinks and desserts show how innovative Filipinos are. We at Crown Asia, always look for innovations, for improvements. We always want to give our clients the best service they can get from us. That’s why innovations never stop and we continuously improve our products and service.

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