Art Fair Philippines 2024

By: Marge Santos
art fair philippines

Trade fairs are a hit for Filipinos. This is where avid buyers of some of the most craved for items are being featured. With some stroke of luck, items skillfully done by artisans offered in reasonable prices grace trade fairs. But how different is an art fair from the common trade fairs. A better question may be, “What is an art fair?” An art fair is basically a trade show where people in the art business gather. It is a venue where exhibitors, art dealers, curators, art collectors, art advisors and people who love art roam around and mingle with each other. It is where works of art come in abundance.


Art Fair Philippines was founded in 2013 by co-founders Dindin Araneta, Trickie Lopa and Lisa Periquet. When it started, it became the premier platform in showcasing as well as selling the best in modern and contemporary art in the Philippines. It reflects the quick evolutions of art market in the Philippines and is being compared to KIAF in Seoul and Art Central in Hong Kong, both of which are known art fairs in Southeast Asia. The Art Fair was aimed at focusing on the vibrant local art scene and generating continuous support for local art practitioners.

In addition, Art Fair Philippines aimed to make art accessible to art enthusiasts and those who want to discover and explore the region’s booming yet one of the most exciting art landscapes. Consequently, the fair became a venue for Filipino modern and contemporary artists to be discovered by art collectors, curators, critics and art lovers from all over the world. It was an affair where local artists were able to share thoughts about their work to an international audience. Through the years, it had encouraged new artists to pursue their passion and come up with new pieces and hone their craft. The Art Fair is somewhat a gateway for local artists to be exposed to the international scene. In return, the presence of works from international gallery may serve as an inspiration for local artists to adapt styles of artists from different parts of the world.

Everything is set for the 11th edition of Art Fair Philippines this year. Happened on February 16-18, 2024 at The Link in Makati City. A lot of activities are slated for this year’s biggest art fair in the country. This is an event where artists and art lovers are excited to be part of. This annual affair became a venue for everyone in the art industry to gather and catch up with each other, an event where everyone in the art industry keep abreast with what’s in and what’s new in the art world.

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Art enthusiasts will feast their eyes on artworks from exhibitors from the Philippines’ top galleries such as Silverlens and Altromondo to Modeka, and others. A wide roster of foreign galleries featuring international artists from neighboring Asian countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam as well as from Spain will grace the event. Exhibitors in the Metaverse will also be present in the art fair. Visitors can have their fill and experience a different kind of thrill as they admire works of art from both local and international artists that will definitely be a joy to see in any residential property.


A featured exhibit entitled, “Pambabae” highlighting the works of Filipina modernists in the likes of Ivi Avellana Cosio, Ileana Lee, Nelfa Querubin, Evelyn Collantes, Phyllis Zaballero, and Lilian Hwang will also be witnessed in the art fair. This will try to explore their works in the span of two decades, 1969 to 1989, where there was a noticeable boom in creative arts.


Karen H. Montinola was an art collector who have supported emerging Filipino artists. Every year, since 2014, the Montinola family had been awarding grants to emerging Filipino artists in honor of the Karen H. Montinola (KHM) Selection. This year happens to be the 10th year and as a celebration of this special milestone, an exhibit will also take place featuring the all the grant recipients from 2014 to present. This particular exhibit will be curated by art consultant, Norman Crisologo.

The following are the emerging artists who were chosen as grant recipients from 2014 to present:

  • Pio Abad – 2014
  • Mike Adrao – 2015
  • Mac Valdezco – 2016
  • Mark Valenzuela – 2017
  • Alvin Zafra – 2018
  • Liv Vinluan – 2019
  • Carlo Villafuerta – 2021
  • Melvin Guirhem – 2022
  • Faye Abantao – 2023
  • Gean Brix Garcia – 2024


Image from: https://artfairphilippines.com/

Another specialized event that is more of a concept featured in Art Fair Philippines is a project curated by filmmaker Moira Lang and co-presented by Archivo Gallery and Club Kino. It will be an unusual event where instead of film watching, filmmakers and filmgoers will try to dissect the state of movie making and moviegoing in the country. The free flowing mood of this event will be a venue for discussions over beer and music where film lovers will have the chance to relax and hangout, drink and dance and have endless conversations about film. It may be considered not a festival of screenings but of conversations.


This particular event is about discussions and demonstrations where art aficionados as well as those who appreciate art as well as those who are new to art will not only go over art works but learn from the artists themselves. The talks are scheduled daily for the 3-day Art Fair. Visitors can take advantage of these various talks to learn something new.


Art can easily spruce up residential properties. It may be the focal point of a particular room of the home. Art gives a dopamine boost to someone who sees it. Visiting an Art Fair will definitely lift one’s spirit and will give someone an idea on what art piece to invest in. Art appreciation knows no age. Hence, it’s never early nor late to learn something about art.

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