An Etiquette Guide for Your Next Formal Dining Experience

By: Crown Asia
An Etiquette Guide for your Next Formal Dining Experience

Elevate your classy experience with the right attitude. May it be in basic things that you do such as driving to work, greeting those who say good morning to you or even saying thank you to your Coffee Project barista. A right attitude makes you a classy person.

If you’re a working adult looking to treat yourself and your loved ones, nothing is more rewarding than booking a table at a fancy restaurant. Dining in a classy establishment is the crowning glory of classic curated culinary experiences, and it’s also the perfect way to commemorate a milestone in your life. It is an experience everyone should try on just to have a feel for what upscale life really is.

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Still, knowing how to conduct yourself in formal settings can be daunting. But if you follow our dos and don’ts for fine dining, you’re sure to impress everyone at the table.

To be your best self, do:

1. Dress up for the occasion

There’s no better time to dress your best than during a formal event. Once you’ve got an official dress code, put together an outfit that exemplifies it. Blazers and trousers, silk blouses and dresses, leather shoes, and pumps, and full suits and gowns for the most extravagant celebrations are some welcomed choices. After all, looking your best makes you feel your best. Just be careful not to overdo it, as excess isn’t equivalent to elegance.

2. Maintain good posture on the table

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Dressing well wouldn’t matter if you look sloppy while eating! Always keep your back straight against your chair, your elbows off the table, and your mouth closed while chewing. These are part of your usual public dining manners, but it’s of utmost importance in a formal event.

3. Follow the cues of the host

Whether you’re the one throwing the event or the one attending it, remember that the flow of your dining experience consists of following the leader. Place your napkin on your lap and pick up your fork only when the host does. For meals, order an identical number of courses, and eat at relatively the same pace.

4. Use the outermost utensils first

Unsure about which fork goes with that salad? Keep in mind that servers arrange the silverware to match the courses, so pick up the ones on the outer edges for appetizers, and so on. If the host appears to be doing something other than the norm, refer to rule number three.

5. Consume what you can

Just take in what you can finish. Since you are going to a fine dining place, chances are you will be served a lot of mouth-watering and eye-pleasing dishes. But such things might be just that, an eye-pleaser, once on your plate and tasted you might now like the food served and have a hard time eating the food. Its always better to just get a portion just to have a sample of the food. You do not want looking your plate looking stuffed after an hour or two of being in your seat.

Want to avoid a dining faux pas? Then don’t:

1. Use your phone, or even put it on the table

While mobile devices have practically become extensions of our limbs, leave them in your pocket or bag once you enter the doors of that fine dining restaurant. Taking it out during your meal is hugely disrespectful, and is distracting to both yourself and fellow diners. Instead, supplement the great food and drinks with the equally great and entirely human-driven conversation!

2. Pick up fallen cutlery from the floor

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Embarrassed by the sound of metal clanking against tiles or carpet after you accidentally knocked over your cutlery? The best you can do is to sit still and continue eating. Resist the temptation to bend down — or, worse, kneel — and get it. Leave it to your waiter to retrieve and replace your fork, spoon, or knife.

3. Rush through each course

Maintaining poise and grace is just as essential to the actual eating process. Even if the food is out of this world, don’t gobble it up as if it’s the last thing you’ll ever eat. Cut your dishes into smaller, edible pieces as you go, and savor the flavor of each course.

4. Pretend to know all about the fine dining experience

Not a wine connoisseur or a gourmet food expert? Don’t try to appear like you are. Arrogantly picking the wrong options could potentially ruin your meal and social experience. Seeking the professional advice of your waitstaff is normal practice, so go ahead and ask away!

5. Forget simple basic hygiene and dining etiquette

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Even though it’s a higher tier of dining because of the sophistication and costs of food, you should never forget basic dining hygiene such as not talking when your mouth is full as this can be rude. Always use a tissue or maybe a handkerchief when sneezing or coughing and of course saying please and excuse me goes a long way and makes your vibe a more pleasant one to be around.

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Fine dining is a delicious luxury that everyone should experience. Reward your hard work with incredible food, service, and company, and let the sweet aroma and taste of a well-crafted experience bring you closer to the beautiful life that you deserve.

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