Advantages of Moving in with a Pet in Your House and Lot

By: Hanna Alyssa Gabalfin

Pets are a joy to be around, even if their antics and silliness sometimes bring them into strange, funny situations that require help from their owners. Almost every household has at least one pet, usually a dog or cat. Whichever furry friend it is, however, there’s no denying that everything seems to be livelier with them around. So, if you’re looking into adopting a pet before you move into your house and lot in Bacoor, Cavite, then this is the sign to do so!

If you’ve never been a pet owner before, you’ve probably wondered what it is like to own a pet and just what other benefits there are from taking care of one aside from the companionship they give.

Benefits of Pets

Research suggests that pets positively contribute a lot to a person’s overall human health and well-being while lowering the health risks many people could suffer from. They become a source of emotional support, causing pet owners to be less likely to run the risk of suffering from depression. Moreover, those who own a pet tend to have lower blood pressure when undergoing a stressful situation than those who don’t own one.

While the most common type of household pet is either a dog or cat, there are many other animals out there that can be adopted and taken care of. For those unfortunately allergic to cats or dogs, perhaps consider owning a fish in an aquarium. Keeping a bird like a parrot might also be a good option for older adults as they provide lively social interactions. Meanwhile, a rabbit might be the best choice for those who just want a cute furry friend that doesn’t bark or meow. Whatever the case may be, choosing the right pet for you is also a decision that needs a lot of consideration, especially before moving into your house and lot in Bacoor, Cavite.

Human-Animal Interaction has Mental health benefits

  1. Pets help increase one’s physical activity. Dog owners find themselves going on walks or short jogs around their neighborhood because of their pets. For those having a hard time keeping up with their exercise routine, this is a great way to keep your physical health in top shape. Having a pet like a dog with you in your house and lot in Bacoor, Cavite will definitely boost your cardiovascular health.
  2. Pets provide companionship. Among all the benefits of having a pet, this perhaps is the biggest reason why many choose to own a pet, especially those who live alone. They increase feelings of security, effectively reducing stress and one’s anxiety levels. Those with pets have fewer anxious outbursts 
  3. Human-animal interactions are shown to significantly reduce the stress hormone cortisol, increasing one’s oxytocin (a chemical that naturally reduces stress). Playing around and interacting with them definitely brings not only joy and happiness but also fulfills one’s needs to essentially be needed and wanted. With this information, it’s no wonder animal-assisted therapy exists. Therapy animals such as therapy dogs are trained to be especially gentle and friendly not only to their owners but also to strangers and children. 
  4. Pets provide comfort, especially for autistic children. In particular, these children will be able to develop positive self-esteem because pets offer unconditional love and are non-judgmental. 
  5. Pets offer great support for those recovering from severe mental health conditions. Evidence from research shows that people with mental health conditions benefit from having pets as it helped them manage their emotions better. With pets, they were able to develop a strong sense of self-identity and self-worth. Pet ownership gave them the feeling of being in control.

Pet Ownership also has Emotional and Social Skills Benefits

Pets are known to boost one’s emotional and social skills, especially for younger kids. Research suggests that children who grow up with a pet in the household are less prone to facing behavioral problems. While all pets prove to be beneficial companions, studies find that dogs among other pets in particular had a stronger effect on families.

  1. Pets help with social skills. They are great conversation starters, especially when meeting fellow pet owners. They can help one gain new friends and ease into the scene of getting to know other people. With dog ownership, for example, these pets routinely need a good walk outside which can help prevent social isolation for their owner. 
  2. Pets help build healthy habits and improve one’s sense of responsibility. As mentioned earlier, dogs regularly need to go on walks or run outside which helps improve physical activity for their owners. Pets require to be fed regularly too, hence becoming a good reason for owners to start their day. And finally, they remind owners of the importance of taking care of themselves too because no one would care for them if not for their owners. 
  3. Owning a pet helps people easily develop relationships with other people, especially younger children as they become an effective emotional support for these kids and decrease their stress levels when socializing with their peers. 
  4. Last but definitely not least is the fact that pets make their owners feel wanted and needed. They offer unconditional love and will always stand by their owners. They don’t judge by the parameters of social skills or even athletic abilities, rather they’re just really happy to see their owners and spend time with them. This unconditional love positively affects human mental health as it stimulates the production of dopamine (also known as the chemical that allows humans to sense pleasure and satisfaction).

Ultimately, having a pet entails many health benefits apart from the companionship and unconditional love that they immensely offer. But of course, it’s a two-way relationship. Pets respond to their owner by how they are treated. Therefore, by taking good care of them and making them feel that they are loved will definitely result in a strong bond. Having a pet will surely liven up the atmosphere within your house and lot in Bacoor, Cavite.

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