Activities to Enroll Your Kids in This Summer Time

By: Crown Asia
Activities to Enroll your Kids in This Summer Time

In the Philippines, summer is the most sought-after season by many due to a wide variety of activities that people can do. It is also usually the time when kids are on a vacation from school so the fun and loud noises of the kids and the youth make the summer a lot exciting. This blog will help you identify some after school activities that are great for your kids!

Technically, this time people used to call “summer” is the hot dry season as specified by Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA). Only the term “summer” applies to the countries located in temperate climate zone has winter, summer, spring, and fall. However, the use of summer as a term may have been an influence brought about by the colonial times.

Summer time means doing all sort of fun and adrenaline rush activities that both adults and kids enjoy. While it is also fun to go to air-conditioned malls packed with shoppers from different boutiques, there are also tons of outdoor recreational activities under the blazing sun everyone can truly enjoy. Some people opt to go mountain hiking to enjoy the warm breeze of summer morning air and mischievous hiking nights. There are people who enjoys staying at the beach to enjoy the splash of ocean waves while riding on a colorful surfboard and drink refreshments afterward. Snorkeling is also an amusing beach activity since Philippines is known for its top-notch snorkeling spots that even tourists from all over the world take the time to visit the country.

Since summer time is also vacation for kids, this is the ideal time to engage them in doing experiments, arts and crafts, or any activity that will help boost their confidence, enrich their creativity, and help them be prepared for the next academic year.

Crown Asia, the premium arm developer of Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. believes that engaging kids in amusing and imaginative activities help bring the families closer together and improve the kids’ emotional, social, and mental health at the same time.

Here are some of the ingenious summer extracurricular activities you can enroll your kids:

Swimming Lesson is an extracurricular activity that is ESSENTIAL


It’s not a surprise that learning how to swim is a top-priority life skill that families should give importance to. Drowning is one of the major cause of fatality among small children. To reduce the risk of drowning, swimming lessons help avoid unwanted scenarios among many Filipino families.

At the age of four, kids can start learning basic water survival skills such as floating and water treading. It is also better if parents are present during swimming lessons or at least on the first sessions to establish a safe atmosphere among kids and to help them trust the process of learning.

You can teach children that AgriCOOLture is fun!

One lesson that the pandemic has taught us is to prioritize food security. As early as now, it is good to teach kids basic life skills such as planting and tending to animals. There are schools which offer these kind of lessons for kids. The class teaches the relationship of soil to plants and animals, how kids can better take care of them, and why it is vital to ensure that every generation should have strong set of people to move along with the agriculture sector.

Moreover, when kids learn how food is made and delivered to their plates, they will never think of wasting or taking food for granted again. Taking part in hands-on activities involving food production incorporates discipline among the young ones.

Your Junior Master Chef


Aside from the fact that cooking is a very exciting activity, when kids learn to kick, they realize the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods especially when choosing the ingredients for the meals. Moreover, cooking enhances their sense of touch due to different textures, sense of smell, sense of sight, and sense of taste.

Also, when kids cook, their planning skills are enhanced as well as the way they make choices and weigh among the presented options. Kids will also appreciate the parents’ effort in devising a meal plan and preparing food for the family when they learn how to cook. If lucky enough, kids may start to offer help during meal preparation.

Clay potting is the new trend

Like most adults, kids like to engage themselves in learning new activities and clay potting is one of the most interesting classes the kids can enroll into. First, this kind of activity improves their motor skills. When they pound, squeeze, bend, and coil the clay, this aspect of development enhances. Moreover, the tactile nature of clay may be a form of outlet for kids where they can release emotions and reduce stress. Moreover, the tedious and absorbing process of pottering helps them to observe little details and teaches them discipline and patience. Also, it will give them the sense of pride to see a solid, well-designed pot which is a product of their bare, creative hands.

Sports Class is good for the health and is a boost for our children’s public speaking skills

Being enrolled in sports class is one of the best ways for the kids to enjoy summer time. Getting involved in sports teaches kids endurance. Moreover, it helps them stay in shape. Even at a young age, it is good to develop an active lifestyle which will help them effectively combat stress. Also, kids learn sportsmanship when playing because there will be times when they will win and lose and they have to learn how to accept and handle defeat and learn from their mistakes. Most importantly, sports teach them social skills, especially when they are on a team. A sense of belonging to a community or a group is a motivating experience for a kid.

There are other activities not listed here like enrolling in dance classes of different genre like hip hop, joining clubs like chess clubs, robotics club, and musical instrument clubs that will surely teach them a lot of things like problem solving skills, self discipline and new skills that will be essential in their growth as older kids in the family.

The perfectness of every moment lies with how it is spent. There is no such thing as perfect certain activity for kids. Each of them have strength and weaknesses and these extracurricular activities benefit both the parents and the kids to focus on these strong and weak points. Lastly, the purpose of doing all these activities is for them to have fun. When they are enjoying something, it’s easier for them to learn at their own pace. Still, joy should be the endgame.

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