A Short Investor Guide for Las Piñas City

By: Levi Santiago
A Short Investor Guide for Las Pinas City

Las Piñas is a city located in the southern part of Metro Manila, Philippines. Tracing back to its roots as “the sale center of Manila,” Las Piñas has always been known for it’s exponential growth as a “residential-commercial center.” Jeepney factories, coconut production, and salt-making among many other things, it is undoubted that Las Piñas is one of the cities in Metro Manila that catch the eyes of investors when looking for properties or a condo in Las Piñas. And if you are one of such individuals who have some interest in the city, then this blog is just for you!

Brief History of Las Piñas

Initially a small rural fishing town, Las Piñas was one of the “first classical settlements on the outskirts of Manila” during the Spanish colonial period What was once a small barrio in Parañaque City with a community of 1,200 inhabitants would forever be changed once a Spanish missionary – Fray Diego Cera de la Virgen del Carmel or Fr. Diego Cera – settled in the small barrio that would later become the city of Las Piñas. During Fr. Cera’s time in the city, he worked towards the establishment of the Las Piñas Church in 1819, where the only known bamboo organ in existence would be crafted and used for the Saint Joseph Parish Church.


Photo: By patrickroque01 – Taken using my own camera, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=69052733

From that point forward, the city of Las Piñas would have it’s fair share of being a part of Filipino history as time passed. During the Philippines’ revolution against Spain in the early 1800’s, Las Piñas became a battleground for the many instances that General Emilio Aguinaldo’s troops clashed with Spanish soldiers. A century later in 1907, Las Piñas was “proclaimed as an independent municipality” and was separated from Parañaque City.

In spite of much rich history having already taken place in Las Piñas at this point, it was only the beginning. Progress gradually and significantly, Las Piñas would soon take it’s place into being a highly urbanized city ripe with development and growth in many aspects that make investing in a condo in Las Piñas in the city a smart choice.

Growth, Economy, and Residential Value of Las Pinas

The continual economic growth of the city of Las Piñas led to the city becomes one of the most distinguished in Metro Manila. The city was also recognized for being one of the most peaceful and cleanest cities in Metro Manila. Additionally, Las Piñas is also called by some as the “City of Love and Progress” – and for good reason.

Infrastructure in Las Pinas


One of the features of Las Piñas’ infrastructure that served as the city’s stepping stone towards continual economic growth is the construction of the South Super Highways in the 1960’s. Because of this, Las Piñas opened up access for inhabitants from the inner cities of Metro Manila, resulting in Las Piñas being travelled to by much more people within Metro Manila for either residential or commercial purposes.

Furthermore, it was the construction of the Coastal Road in the 1980’s that bolstered the economic growth of Las Piñas further since it now connected Metro Manila to Cavite. As a result, Las Piñas had now became a gateway to the CALABARZON (i.e., Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon). This meant that Las Piñas had now offered access between Metro Manila and the CALABARZON region, serving as an “industrial corridor” – in which Las Piñas served as a corridor or pathway that fostered industrial development to areas or cities.

Infrastructure became key to Las Piñas’ economic growth. It is because of this that investing in Las Piñas would open up many opportunities because of the economic growth caused by the city’s economically strategic location fostering the demands and production of technology industries and urban populace, wherein a number of whom had invested in a condo in Las Piñas.

Industry and Commerce

Half of the land area of the city government of Las Piñas is purposed for industry and commerce. As the infrastructure ensures the travel of individuals coming in and out of the inner cities of Metro Manila and the region of CALABARZON. Given this, the industrial and commercial areas of Las Piñas serve as a hub for producing services and products that aim to meet the demands of many suburban and urban inhabitants.

One notable example is Las Piñas’ Evia Lifestyle Center as well. This lifestyle mall is a must visit mainly because of how it was beautifully made and its wide variety of stores for the whole family to enjoy. Furthermore, the Sarao Motors factors is worth noting for its production of Jeepneys which are built “piece by piece through individual production.” which calls the city its home as well.

Residential Properties around the Las Piñas Campus

The city of Las Piñas consists a total land area of around 41.54 square kilometers, wherein the other half of the land area of Las Piñas is occupied by residential structures. Because of how the city is a gateway to the CALABARZON region and the inner cities of National Capital Region, the numerous condo for sale in the city of Las Piñas’ residential areas became an alternative place to settle for citizens from other cities.

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Not only does Las Piñas give access to Metro Manila, it also offers a much more “tranquil” lifestyle compared to the more “fast-paced” lifestyle of the inner cities of Metro Manila. Along with this, the commercial areas of Las Piñas ensure the city’s inhabitants that there is adequate access to essential goods and services. Transportation is not a big problem as well, since several forms of transportation are present in the city for citizens to use, whether it’s for travelling to shopping districts, places of work, or for travel to either the inner cities of Metro Manila further north like Quezon City or the CALABARZON region. Additionally, since Las Piñas maintains continual growth as an urban city, the price appreciation or value increase of the properties in the city is expected. Hence, the properties in the residential areas of Las Piñas, such as a condo for sale, continually develop.

Consequently, the city is flourishing with mid-rise condominiums. Furthermore, the appeal of investing in the residential areas of Las Piñas is “compounded by the growth of e-commerce in the city.” Therefore, if you’re wondering what good investment option you could start with, especially if it’s in terms of a condo in Las Piñas – an excellent option would be to invest in the condominium Hermosa by Crown Asia Properties!

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