A Quick Guide for Your Next Visit in Bacoor City, Cavite

By: Rehian Vicente
A Quick Guide for Your Next Visit in Bacoor City, Cavite

There is always more in Bacoor!

The growth of the province of Cavite can be compared to the life cycle of a butterfly. From being a province that is purely a vast of fields, rice farms, limited-to-none access roads, and just a few establishments, transitioning to what it is now, Cavite is considered as the Province of Transformation. A place where the best infrastructures are just a few steps away from your home, essential establishments can be found almost anywhere, schools are just around the corner and the overall lifestyle is incomparable. From being just an egg to a pupa, now Cavite is spreading its beautiful wings like a fully-metamorphized butterfly.

Cavite is located a few kilometers away from the shores of Manila Bay and is considered as one of the most industrialized and fastest-growing –– both in economy and population –– provinces in the Philippines. According to The Manila Times, Cavite has a unique topography. Divided into four physiographic areas – the lowest lowland area, lowland area, central hilly area, and upland mountainous area –– Cavite is one of the few provinces blessed with an array of topography making it possible for different types of business, breathing space, residential (as seen by the increasing number of house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite listings), and community development.


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Now moving forward to the place considered the gateway of the province of Cavite –– Bacoor City. Fifteen (15) kilometers southwest of Manila, you’ll find the progressive city of Bacoor. With different tourist spots and leisure spaces for everybody, there’s no question that Bacoor is perfect as a great weekend escape for those who are exploring beyond Metro Manila. Including Imus and the City of Dasmarinas, Bacoor is known to be one of the key developing and fastest-growing areas in Cavite. It became a commercial hub thanks to the non-stop production of numerous wholesale and retail establishments, as well as food businesses and other service-related commerce.

Is there something more in Bacoor? Yes! There is always more in Bacoor!

Some of the Best Places to Visit in the City of Bacoor

One of the to-go places in the city is the St. Michael The Archangel Parish, established in 1752. Like maximum Spanish colonial-technology church buildings constructed within the 18th century, this church began out as a humble vicinity of worship built with the use of the best mild nipa leaves, bamboo, and straws.


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A little bit of history, Bacoor Church (St. Michael The Archangel Parish) is associated with one historical figure who became part of the awakening of Filipino nationalism during the Spanish colonial era. This historical figure is Fr. Mariano Gomes. He was the parish priest of Bacoor Church when he, together with Fr. Jose Burgos and Fr. Jacinto Zamora turned into criminals falsely accused of treason, sedition, and taking components within side the failed Cavite mutiny. They were later known as GOMBURZA and currently serving as an inspiration to the new generation of Filipino Nationalists. Other churches to visit are the Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish Church, San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Church, San Martin de Porres Parish Church, Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Holy Trinity Parish, Sto. Nino de Molino Parish Church and many other churches.

Hmmm… Have you heard about Cuenca Ancestral House?

Also called Bahay na Tisa, Cuenca Ancestral House became the transient house of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo earlier than he moved his workplace to Malolos, Bulacan. It was in the residence of Juan Cuenca and Candida Chaves in Bacoor, Cavite that President Emilio Aguinaldo transferred the seat of the revolutionary government on July 15, 1898, from the city of Cavite as they approached the Spanish army in Manila. The government stayed in the house until they moved to Malolos on September 10, 1898. The architecture of the house features Spanish designs, while the ceiling is made of baked clay. It is one of the historical tourist attractions in Bacoor, Cavite.

We are way too far from this era! Going back to the year 2021, and if you’re looking for an easily accessible weekend getaway, check out the Bacoor Family EcoPark. Located at 21 De fla Cruz St., Phase II-A, Bacoor, it features a man-made lagoon where you can fish and ride a boat. There are several lodges in the area, including a multipurpose room for social gatherings. A perfect place for you and your family to enjoy.

For a weekend of shopping, Bacoor City has various malls in different areas, such as Vista Mall NOMO in Molino Blvd, SOMO – A Vista Mall, and SOMO Market in Molino Blvd as well, and many more.


After a long day of going from one place to another within Bacoor, your stomach will definitely look for a place to eat because of hunger. One of the places that offer original local delicacies is Tirona’s Grill and Restaurant. They are known for their oysters and mussel dishes. After that heavy meal, you’ll probably look for something sweet. This is a perfect time for you to try the infamous Digman Halo-halo. Halo-halo Filipino’s favorite dessert is usually made with fresh fruit, crushed ice, milk and cream in a special halo-halo glass. This desert has appeared in various national newspapers and magazines. Digman is a small barangay in the city of Bacoor. The place is known for its halo-halo which Caviteños have enjoyed throughout the years.

Investing in a House and Lot for Sale in Bacoor Cavite

This city is truly a place of history, adventure, and continuous development. All of these things made Bacoor a perfect place for investment, wherein real estate developers have flocked to the city to provide a multitude of houses and lots for sale in Bacoor Cavite options for residents, many of whom are transferring from the crowded NCR. From townhouses to residential neighborhoods, Bacoor is definitely home to families who prefer a cozy life close to Metro Manila, without compromising the urban conveniences like being near grocery shops, schools, and even fitness gyms.

Citta Italia

One of these developers is Crown Asia Properties Inc., which offers a premium residential arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc.25 years of creating thematic communities for young professionals looking for their future home or a reliable investment in real estate. Themed houses and lots for sale in Bacoor Cavite developments include Citta Italia, Vita Toscana, Vittoria, Vivace, and Carmel offering a chance to make this beautiful city your new home. These premium developments provide a host of wonderful options for you and your family when it comes to a house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite worthy of your time and hard-earned money.

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