A List of Must-See Contemporary Art Gallery in the Philippines

By: Rayanara Geronimo

Art is one of many forms in which artists can express their true feelings and intentions. Modern art, performance art, visual arts, and other art forms are for the artist to choose from, and they will have their own meanings and gimmicks. To some, art is an escape from reality or a way to live in reality. That is why it’s one of the hardest things to understand since not everyone can comprehend what the creator wants to portray and there are a lot of meanings and twists to it but one thing is sure, learning and understanding art takes more than passion to do, it requires dedication and commitment.

Where to Get Inspiration

There are a lot of well-known Filipino artists that reside in the country, the Philippine contemporary art forms vary from photography, video art, installation, video installation, paintings, and others. Those are some but the Philippine art scene today is elevated and Filipino artists are creative and they make their own twist and uniqueness to it. But before an art piece becomes a magical one, one must have a place for inspiration. Fortunately, Crown Asia offers properties for sale and condominiums for sale, they are guaranteed to deliver only the finest properties available. One of the best condominiums for sale is a condo in Sucat, The Presidio at Lakefront City Central is accessible to many places. Metro Manila is a fast-paced place where business ventures are always on the go, this a great opportunity to find inspiration since this condo in Sucat is a premium real estate near art galleries and business districts and it offers a green environment where people can chill in the city surrounded by noise. A great place to relax or use the existing amenities available in the condominium.

Since COVID-19 is gradually becoming less of a problem, more Filipino artists become open and exploring their creativity by showcasing their art to the public.

So, Here Are Some Galleries That Specialize in Contemporary Arts in the Philippines.

Art Lounge Manila

Located at The Podium in Mandaluyong City. This is a perfect place for artists and people who wants to see art in different forms. They invite guest curators, and local and international artists to display their work in the gallery as significant pieces for all to see, each with its own meaning. Contemporary Philippine arts are born as a result of diversity and ever-expanding technology, which give rise to new types of art projects. Art Lounge has a website that showcases their latest exhibition and people can also browse it since everything is posted there. This place is open from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

Museum of Contemporary Art and Design

Located at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. This is a cultural center for modern art and innovative and unique exhibits.

This is composed of local artists that display fine arts, mixed media, visual arts, modern art, and paintings in different mediums and with the use of different materials and other kinds of art.

Every displayed creativity here came from a local artist community that is diverse and open to new media. A great place to learn and access all people to have new knowledge. This place also held numerous solo exhibitions and even collaborations. MCAD is only open to a limited number of people; people must book in advance to be toured around the facility; admission is free.

Silverlens Galleries

Located at Chino Roces Avenue, Makati. This place has two locations which are here in the Philippines and in New York City, this is an international gallery that encourages gallery collaborations from artists around the world. Silverlens Galleries are also hailed as the leading contemporary art gallery in Southeast Asia. Because they want to reach a global audience, this gallery exhibits fine art, visual art, modern art, contemporary art, and other forms. Solo exhibitions by various artists are available there or on their websites. A great place to appreciate the work of local artists and even national artists, though it can be visited and accessible to everyone. People still need to contact them, the place is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm.

It’s Never Too Late To Begin

For the past decade, art is different since it is already mixed with a lot of forms and elements that have been discovered throughout the century. There are numerous solo exhibitions and performing arts in the country and the visual artist and other artists are scattered around to show their audiences how they express themselves and these are only someplace available out there.

Philippine contemporary art is portrayed in unique ways where Filipino artist has the freedom to do whatever they want and art is never restricted to one thing.

Some artists display it as public art, solo exhibition, or group collaboration, and people can see and feel the hard work, passion, and commitment in every piece.

Art is Everywhere

Aspiring artists young or old, it’s never too early or too late to start. Art is diverse and can be expressed in any way possible especially Philippine art captures the culture from different parts of the country. The beauty of it will astound everyone on how local artists think and how they depict their thoughts and their culture would inspire them to be an artist too. Local artists in the country always have a way to showcase their work in a creative way. That is why in your free time, chilling at your condo in Sucat, there are a lot of places to be inspired from and motivated since the place is surrounded by the scenery, noise, and art galleries.

Furthermore, If people are interested to go to an overseas Museum, the Singapore Art Museum in Singapore, the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, the National Museum of Korean in South Korea, and the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan should be on your list. And for a deeper understanding of Philippine art, the Philippine Art Scene is a good read to understand the influence of the characteristics of what makes Philippine art.

Moreover, art does not require a bachelor’s degree, all it needs is a human experience and feelings. Every person should have their own way of expressing their thoughts, maybe in art form since there are a lot of art forms such as poetry, through writing, or just a simple drawing piece because a life without art is empty. It’s like living life without passion.

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