A Guide to Babyproof Your Condo Unit

By: Hanna Rubio

Having your baby is indeed a blessing. That little bundle of joy which is the version of both you and your spouse fulfills the dream of having your own family. And as much as you adore their baby form, they eventually go past that. Your baby grows faster. One day they’ll be sleeping and drinking milk all day and then the next, you’ll see them slowly crawling, rolling, and trying to stand up in the living room of your Condo in Las Piñas.

And as much as seeing all these make you happy as a parent, such age is the start of them being curious. This means that they are also prone to little to major accidents. There is no denying that your child can be a victim of such unfortunate events but there are different ways on how you can avoid this. One way to do so is by babyproofing your home.

What Does It Mean to Babyproof Your Home? Why You Should Do It?

When you finally have your little one, one question arises and that’s “How can you ensure the safety of your children when you are at home?” The answer to that is through baby-proofing your house.

Babyproof means making your home for your child especially those that are at a young age safe by eliminating potential causes of accidents and hazards. Since kids at a very young age have very curious minds, it is better to be ready than sorry.

Of course, you would want to see your babies and toddlers roam around your home safely. That’s why baby-proofing should be done as early as you can for your children. You can even consider your future kids in choosing the right Condo in Las Piñas. Doing so will save you from further home renovations and changes since everything that you have put in is safe for your children.

The house should be a safe haven for your kids so you would want to make sure that everything in your house, from the floor up to the appliances and displays is kid-friendly. Taking these extra precautions is not you being paranoid as a parent but rather a proactive one who stops the problem from even arising.

But for first-time parents, you might ask, how to baby-proof? What do you need for babyproofing? Worry no more for this article got your back!

Here’s a Guide on How to Babyproof Your Condo Unit

Babyproof the Living Room

Soften up Furniture edges

Your baby’s skin is delicate that it gets bruised by just a simple pinch, what more if they bump into a sharp-edged piece of furniture or it grazed on your child’s skin, right? To avoid these kinds of problems, installing edge bumpers or rubber protection to smoothen the sharp edges of your furniture is the best idea. Your child can now roam around your living room without you worrying about them having scratches.

Mount or fasten Huge furniture

Young children or toddlers are naturally an explorer and are very curious about everything that fascinates them. They crawl, roll, and climb furniture like cabinets or TV stands that might fall on them. Accidents like this can be minimized by lessening huge furniture in the living room or by making sure that they are mounted or fastened to the wall to prevent them from falling onto your children.

Babyproof the Nursery Room

Baby-proofed Crib

Make sure that your chosen crib is safe for your child. The crib should be at a perfect height—not too high, not too low. There shouldn’t be a lot of stuffed toys or pillows for your baby can suffocate through it.

Invest in Baby Monitor

Even when they are inside their nursery room, you still want to make sure that they are safe. Investing in a baby monitor will help you see your baby and monitor their behavior while being on the other side of your condo.

Babyproof the Kitchen

Install Cabinet Locks

You don’t want your children opening cabinets and accessing kitchen tools or ingredients that can potentially harm them. Make sure that all your cabinets are secured in a way that your kids won’t be able to open them without your supervision.

Store sharp objects properly

The same goes for sharp objects like knives and utensils. It should be stored in a drawer that your kids won’t be able to reach to avoid accidents.

Babyproof the Bathroom

Slip-proof Bathroom

You must always keep the bathroom floor dry. But since sometimes, it can be avoided, you can make your bathroom slip-proofed so you won’t worry about your kid slipping on the floor. Installing rubber mats is one great way to do so.

Keep cleaning products out of reach

Keep cleaning products or chemicals out of your child’s reach. This is to make sure that they will not be tasting or drinking something that is not edible. Moreover, make sure that all the lids are closed properly so if ever they can reach it, they won’t be able to open it.

Babyproof the Condo in General

Evaluate Condo’s Interior

If you’re considering your kids’ safety upon buying that Condo in Las Piñas, thoroughly evaluate the condo’s whole interior. Doing so will allow you to visualize all the things that need to be inside and those that shouldn’t be included, kids-wise. This step also allows you to determine if there’s a part of the condo that needs to be renovated and what part will be kept as is. If you have items that may be of danger to your child, place them out of their reach. Keep your child safe by properly evaluating what is in your home.

Secure Doors and Windows

Since you’ll be living in a relatively high building, you might want to make sure that all the doors and windows are properly locked and secure to avoid your child from going through them. This is to prevent them from going out without you knowing.

Use Outlet covers

Kids like to poke things that they can reach. One of which is the electrical outlets which can cause a huge accident. To keep your baby away from electrocution, use outlet covers. Another thing to avoid electrical accidents is by sorting and arranging electrical wires and storing them in a place where your kids won’t be able to reach them.

Install Safety gates

To prevent your baby from walking or crawling around the condo, you should install safety gates. It locks them in a particular space or room in your condo and prevents them from going out. It limits them from going into rooms or spaces that they’re not allowed to.

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