A Guide on Car Maintenance and Safety

By: Crown Asia
A Guide on Car Maintenance and Safety

The vehicles that individuals purchase were made by companies that have high regard for safety, quality, and workmanship. Every vehicle has its own owner’s manual or service and warranty booklet. Just like the mission and vision of Crown Asia, the customers’ satisfaction and comfort are the top priority. A car is a fruit of labor. Having a car may be a great achievement or reward for one’s self. However, there is a big responsibility that comes along with it. Be knowledgeable about driving, may it be automatic or manual. The vehicle should be maintained for safe driving and a long-lasting vehicle lifespan.

Before hitting the road, ensure that important documents needed are prepared like the driver’s license, official receipt, and certificate of registration. For safe driving and peace of mind, remember the mnemonic “BLOWBAGETS”. It used to be BLOWBAG only but the three letters were added and updated by Phillippine National Police (PNP) Highway Patrol Group. BLOWBAGETS stands for Brakes, Light, Oil, Water, Battery, Air, Gas, Engine, Tires, and Self. After checking if everything is in perfect condition, it is now safe to go and drive with peace.

When buying a car or any type of vehicle, the car dealer explains all the things needed to the owner. A manual and warranty information booklet that usually covers the overview or quick guide, general information, locking and unlocking doors, compartments and seatbelts, emergencies, audio head unit, GPS navigation system, vehicle care, maintenance, warranty, vehicle servicing, and specifications will be provided.

Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) is offered by companies where the vehicles are scheduled for periodic maintenance check-ups. There are regular intervals for inspection and maintenance. It could be done by the owner and/or be taken to the authorized service centers or casa. There are first 1,000 Km check-ups, light check-ups, regular check-ups, and heavy check-ups. The service classification and schedules of maintenance vary for different manufacturers of vehicles. There are operations after the engine is warmed up, inside the engine compartment, under the vehicle, outside the vehicle, and electrical operations.

photo of a man checking a car's engine

Keeping BLOWBAGETS in mind, here is a deeper understanding of each category:


Brake fluid and clutch fluid should have proper elevation by staying between the minimum and maximum levels. The brake fluid level can be monitored by a float. Check if there are any leakages. Check the brake pads, clutch, and gas pedals. Replace these when needed to prevent unwanted hissing noise and to have better control.


photo of a luxury car with its headlights on

Always do testing on all the lights present in the car. Check if the headlights, signal lights, brake lights, and fog lights are all working. By having them work, it will provide additional safety for the driver and other vehicles as well. Also, having non-working lights invites the driver from being stopped by a traffic enforcer for a violation, which is not wanted by all drivers.


Check the level of the engine oil if it is near the minimum or maximum level. There is an oil replacement indication mark and changing the oil filter will also be determined. Washer fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid are the other significant fluids that needed to be checked. The level of the washer fluid can be checked by opening the washer fluid reservoir cap and using the dipstick. Power steering fluid lubricates the steering system of the steering wheel and front wheels. Transmission fluid is for shifting the gears.


The car radiator’s job is to dissipate heat from the engine as much as it can. To help the radiator to do its job better and more optimally, putting a mixture of water and coolant is one thing to look out for. Pouring only water into the radiator reservoir is not recommended by manufacturers as the water boils and evaporates at 100 degrees Celcius and overheating may occur frequently especially when riding uphill. The coolant has properties that can keep the radiator running cool even above a hundred degrees. Basically, a mixture of both of them prevents them from evaporating easily when running the engine hot and freezing them when the car is parked outside in cold winters. Generally, the latter does not happen in the Philippines as there is no winter here.


photo of a car with cables for a jump start

Batteries provide power for all the electricals included in the car. Always check the battery’s juice if it still has enough power to run the car smoothly. A low-conditioned car typically shows its symptoms when the starter takes longer than usual. Worse, the car suddenly stutters while driving which is practically unsafe when driving at high speeds. When these symptoms arise, immediately go to an auto battery shop for them to be replaced. Keep in mind also the warranty as some manufacturers provide free exchange when the battery fails during the warranty period.


Well-pumped tires contribute to the overall smoothness of the car while driving. When unsure on what pressure shall be given to those tires, consult the owner’s manual or on the driver’s door near the hinge. Going overboard from the recommended pressure may cause the tires to explode, and pumping them below the recommendation may allow them to be more vulnerable to puncture and slower travel time. By following the manufacturer’s tire pressure, it will provide drivers a smooth-sailing driving and a safer one. Also, make sure the spare tire also has the correct amount of pressure. No one will know when it will be used. Just keep it ready at all times.


Always keep in mind the fuel level of the car. No one will know when the next gas station is available, or worse, it won’t be able to reach them. Never let the fuel logo go lit as it can be detrimental to the car in the future. It is recommended to keep the fuel level at least one bar high so that it won’t be reaching the level where most sediments are stored.


photo of a powerful engine

Always do an external inspection on the engine every time before driving. Check if there are some unwanted leaks in the engine. Listen if there are some unusual noises occurring and locate them. Check the wiring if all of them are connected properly. When one of these things is present, it may cause an unpleasant driving experience, or worse, the car may fail while in the middle of the road. As long as there are unusual things happening around the engine, take time to consult car mechanics.


Check if the tires have holes, cracks, or other damages. The bolts and knots of the tires should be tightly screwed. There is an indicated maximum load and pressure that the tires can handle. For safety and better tire grip, tires should be changed every 2 to 5 years. Prevent from drifting to maintain healthy wheel condition. Worn tires could cause dangerous skidding.


The presence of mind is important in every action that a person does, especially, when driving as life is involved. One miscalculation may cause a lot of conflicts. Multitasking is a great skill but texting while driving should never be done. A late text message will not hurt anyone. Know the value of human life. Your life is literally in your hands.

Other services that could help maintain the car are having a car wash whenever the exterior of the vehicle is too dirty, detailing for interior cleaning, air-conditioning check-ups, and mirror and window cleaning services. Also, be sure to check if the plate numbers and RFID stickers are still intact.

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