A Feng Shui Guide to Stairs in Your Home

By: Marge Santos
house stairs

Stairs is a set of steps that lead from one level of the house to another. It provides safe and convenient access to both upper floors and lower parts of the house. It allows access to other parts of the house like basements, attics and rooftops. This structure optimizes the vertical space of a structure since it does not take up so much space as compared to ramps and elevators. It saves space since it can be incorporated into a cramped space. Furthermore, it regulates the sound inside the house since one of its feature is to absorb sound and reduce noise transmitted between floors. It serves as the center of an abode and when incorporated with unique materials and finishes, it becomes the focal point of a house complementing the overall architectural design.

House stairs is also beneficial to one’s health since climbing stairs can both help burn calories and improve endurance. It promotes cardiovascular health and the simplest yet a great way to stay active. In terms of emergency, it is comforting to know that it serves as a safe escape route. It helps to keep in mind these features as well as benefits when considering a Bacoor house and lot for sale or during the designing and construction of a house.

When considering and building a house, certain practices are observed for it to attract good luck and prosperity for the people residing in it. Since superstitions have been incorporated in the lives of Filipinos, ancient practices that are believed to be harmless and offer possibility of bringing in good fortune as well as harmony within the home became part of the culture. When Chinese settlers came bringing with them their own cultural practices, Filipinos learned to embrace them with conviction and utmost respect over time. Filipinos learned the concept of feng shui and were able to create a fusion between traditional Filipino beliefs and feng shui. Feng shui goes beyond mere aesthetics in the Filipino culture. It aims to provide a balanced flow of positive energy that enhances one’s well-being. Many Filipinos practice feng shui in their homes and believe that stairways have significant purpose in feng shui. The stairs being the focal point of a house, a good chi emanating from the center is important to many homeowners.

Building A Feng Shui Staircase

A new homeowner may gain inspiration from these staircase ideas incorporated with feng shui. For homeowners who believe in creating balance, harmony and stability paired with safety, functionality and practicability, these guidelines may be helpful.

Create an Oro Plata Mata Stairs

Filipinos believe that for the stairs to bring good luck, the top stair should fall either on “oro” meaning gold or “plata” which means silver. “Mata” that means death is avoided as it is believed to bring bad luck.

Make Sure the Stairway is Well Lit

A bright light in the stairway is believed to help attract chi to the upper floor. This is in addition to safety reasons that a well-lighted staircase minimizes the risk of accidents.

Liven Up the Staircase Landing

The stairway is considered to be the center of one’s home. It is important for the center of the house to be stable and the up and down motion on the stairs bring instability to it. Since the center of the home is associated with earth elements, it is advisable to choose rectangular paintings, shapes and images of landscapes representing earth element as well as plants and any object having green, brown, yellow or gold tones. Putting decorations is a way to slow down the chi. These decors direct positive chi to the upper level of the house.

Avoid Open Risers

Stairways are recommended to be complete. Open risers in stairways cause the flow and energy to get lost thereby not allowing it to reach other levels of one’s abode. Hence, open risers are not advisable.

Stairs Are Advised to Fit Two People

The concept of space is deeply rooted in allowing the easy flow of positive energy or chi in feng shui. The idea of having stairs that are wide enough to comfortably accommodate two people side by side allows a smooth flow of energies and encourages openness. It is believed to promote harmony, prosperity, and beneficial relationships among family members. The width reiterates the concept of yin and yang which represents the unity and opposition of two forces. It refers to positive association in feng shui philosophy particularly balance, cooperation, and partnership.

Choose Stairs with A Gentle Curve

A curved staircase allows positive energy to flow smoothly to the different levels of your home. Since the movement of chi is having many curves and turns, a curved staircase is ideal. It provides for a fluid and seamless look as well as the free flow of chi from one floor to another.

Avoid Putting A Bathroom Underneath The Staircase

There are those who prefer to maximize the space underneath by using it as a toilet. This is not good feng shui since it is believed to flush away wealth. In case the house already has a toilet or bathroom situated underneath the staircase and renovation is not possible, there are still ways to combat this bad feng shui. The bathroom door should be kept closed at all times and the walls should be painted with appropriate colors. Although color is a personal thing, the general recommendation would be white since it represents clarity and purity.

Since modern bathroom’s aim is to purify the body, homeowners may opt to paint the bathroom walls white. It invites cleanliness as well as purity to make things pristine. Other options would be blue or green as both colors are connected to feng shui‘s five elements color theory. Blue is connected to both wood and water elements. This color promotes rest and rejuvenation. Green is another color related to the wood element as it can be found in living plants and trees. While this color promotes healing and support, different tones of green convey additional qualities. While muted greens promote relaxation and healing, brighter greens are more active. Forest greens, however, promote calmness and serenity.

Avoid Toilets Facing the Stairway

Toilets facing the stairway is also considered to flush away wealth. However, this may be remedied by placing potted plants on the landing. However, plants with sharp or spiky leaves are inappropriate since they block the healthy flow of chi.

Staircases Should Never Face the Front Door

Homeowners should make it clear with their designer that the staircase should not be located facing the front or main door as this is also a bad feng shui. Since the front door is referred to as the “mouth of the chi energy”, it plays a significant role in attracting positive energy into a space. In the event that the stairway faces the main door, the good chi will flow directly to the upper floors leaving the ground floor lacking of good chi. Nevertheless, in situations where this can not be avoided, entryways may be decorated with mirrors, artworks or plants. This will allow the feng shui energy to settle in before it circulates through out the house.

Building A Staircase in the Middle of the Home Is Discouraged

The center of a house is considered the heart of one’s home. It is best to create a style where this area is kept open and clear. This allows chi to move freely all through out the house. The condition of the center of the house affects the health of its residents. The homeowners are advised to create as much grounded energy as possible if this condition is compromised, like if it is blocked or full of busy activities. In this situations, grounded energy may be achieved thru earth elements in the form of placing either ceramics, stones or even crystals to the area.

A Storage Space May Be Placed Underneath the Staircase

From the perspective of energy, the space underneath is considered dead or stagnant and this is where chi is expected to stop. However, if it is converted into a storage, the energy will most likely be activated and will keep on moving. Book shelves, shelves containing photo albums or mementos or items with sentimental value or even seasonal decors are just some of the ideas that may be placed underneath the staircase. In addition, having this storage area keeps the house free from clutter, thus, adding to good feng shui.

End Note

When considering a Bacoor house and lot for sale, it is best to remember these tips during house construction to achieve good feng shui. Stairways plays an important role in relation to feng shui. It provides more than just access from one level to another. Stairways situated and designed properly facilitate the smooth flow of good energy within one’s home and chi is evenly distributed in all the levels as well as in all areas of the house. It is best to remember to follow the auspicious number of steps when designing the staircase. Staircases with 1, 2, 5, 10, 13, 14, 17, or 22 steps are considered auspicious. Finally, there is always a remedy whenever some conditions for good feng shui are not met.

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