A Buying Guide Consideration Before Locking House and Lot for Sale Deal

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A Buying Guide Consideration Before Locking House and Lot for Sale Deal

Are you planning to buy your dream home? Great! Settling in your own space, decorated according to your preference, is exciting. However, buying a property can be both an exciting and a daunting task when you have limited or no knowledge of the real estate market. In case you are an amateur buyer, make sure you choose a reputable real estate agent before locking a house and lot for sale deal.

This blog will shed significant light on the different aspects and considerations when buying a dreamy space. For more details, please consult a real estate agent.


It is better to make sure you chalk out a budget plan so that you can search for house and lot for sale in San Pedro Laguna that don’t cross your affordability range.

What are the steps of home buying?

The newbies might get intimidated concerning where to begin when deciding on home-buying prospects. Here is a list of common steps one can consider in the buying process to clear some clouds of confusion hovering over buying. In case of any confusion or further information, it is suggested to search for a reputable real estate agent who can assist you in the process.

Determine your affordability

The first and foremost decision that will enable you to move ahead in the right direction is deciding how much house price you can afford. Keep track of your expenses and see how much you can save each month, as it can offer you a fair idea regarding the amount of home loan you can apply for from your lender.

Review the credit report

When applying for a home loan, your lender will ask about your credit history. A low credit score can be a stumbling block on your way to a dream home. Lenders won’t move ahead unless you offer proof of timely loan repayment. Resolve any errors in the report.

Decide on your preferences

After you fix a budget and determine the property price you wish to lock, next is enlisting your expectation from your dreamy space. The kind of amenities you prefer, like the size of the house and lot for sale, features, outdoor space, location, etc. can be determined based on the amount you have fixed for the new home.

Things to look for in a property

Home buying decisions should be taken only after considering every aspect like safety, convenience, and comfort. Take a close look at the below-mentioned component for cracking the best deal. If you lack the expertise, then talk to a real estate agent who fosters knowledge about what one should inquire about before locking a buying deal.


While touring a property, try figuring out whether the overall size or each room space is enough to accommodate your belongings or not. In fact, the proximity of the rooms turns out to be another point of consideration because if two rooms are too close to one another, the chances of inconvenience are maximum.

Facilities or fixtures

If you have decided to buy an existing house and lot for sale in San Pedro Laguna then it’s essential to inspect the wiring, water supply, heating, or air conditioning system. You need to check if the fixtures in the bathroom, like the taps, shower, or even the flooring condition, are good enough or require repair jobs.


You will definitely reconsider your decision if you find noisy or rowdy neighbors surrounding your new home during the property tour. It is better to ask the agent to gather information about the neighbors, or you can even take a tour during the wee hours to get a fair idea about the noise or disturbance level.

Outdoor decor

A home surrounded by a lush green garden in which you can decorate the garden with your collection of beautiful flower pots is the dream of many. If you are one of those nature lovers, keep a lovely garden on your checklist. Well, the house and lot for sale in San Pedro Laguna that have a garden might come with a high price, so check with your agent before moving ahead with the decision.


How can real estate agents help?

Generally, people new to the property buying market might fall prey to property dealers who can extract hefty sums and land them up in an issue-ridden house. It is wise to look for reputable real estate agents who [osses vast knowledge regarding the market and help you crack the best deal.

Fix appropriate pricing

While researching online sites for houses on sale, a naive buyer can overspend; however, a real estate agent with market knowledge can determine whether the house is overpriced. During a house tour, an agent can instantly determine the price, enabling a buyer to choose a property that falls within their affordability range.

Gather information about the property

Home buying is one of the most significant decisions of your life; hence proper inspection seems necessary. Realtors gather adequate information about the property like the age of the house, history of repair works, and safety requirements. They are responsible for disclosing every minute detail about a property, such as a leakage, structural issues, or repair history.

Handle the paperwork

Buying a property involves a lot of complicated paperwork, which might intimidate you. Most agents use high-tech software when tackling paperwork that makes the process smooth. Agents can help in gathering documents related to sale offers, buying agreements, and other necessary credentials so that last-minute inconveniences can be avoided.

A house and lot for sale in San Pedro

The perfect home for you might be a house and lot in a wonderfully themed community in San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna. La Marea by Crown Asia is an American-themed community situated right next to the South Luzon Expressway in San Pedro. This gives its residents easy access to Alabang and Sta. Rosa as well as access to the business districts in Metro Manila such as the one found in Makati City. As well, La Marea is only a few minutes away from Evia Lifestyle Center and Villar Land via the MCX. And with the new developments being built around the area, especially with the DPWH projects headed by Secretary Mark Villar, the value of properties there will only continue to increase in the future.

When taking a step towards your dream home, be diligent enough to hire a reputable and licensed real rate agent who can help you make the right decision. Before you lock a deal, conduct a though property inspection otherwise, you can fall into uncanny situations. It is better to make sure you chalk out a budget plan so that you can search for house and lot for sale in San Pedro Laguna that don’t cross your affordability range. Other properties are available in San Pedro but La Marea continues to give the most. To find properties in La Marea, kindly contact any Crown Asia sales agent or inquire through here.

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