5 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Protect The Earth

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5 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Protect The Earth

Updated as of March 23, 2023

As times go by, the evolution of technology, factories, and machines increase in number. With the increase in its amount, climate change also affects the world more vastly and quickly than it should, leading to greenhouse gas emissions becoming more rampant.

The sources of carbon dioxide increase climate change with the addition of plastic waste and carbon emissions. Making global warming a huge problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible.

Natural resources are quickly declining because of pollution. This not only affects the earth but also affects and threatens food production. This is why people should start to save the earth. Even though small changes in their house and lot, could lead to great possibilities for future generations to come.

10 ways to help the earth from climate change

10 ways to help earth from climate change

The natural world before the spread of climate change was full of fresh air and greenery. Be able to use these tips to retain your home in good shape for future generations.

Use natural resources

Use natural resources

Learn to shop wisely. Choose sustainable practices to follow. In order to have healthier and cleaner communities, use natural sources that are free from toxins and chemicals.

Being sustainable means living and practicing ethical ways of living that bring a safer and livable environment for the future. For example, eat sustainable foods today by growing your own fruits and vegetables. You could even go on a vegan diet that’ll help save money. Despite global warming, don’t let food production decline when you can start that change within your home.

Use reusable bags instead of plastic shopping bags to be able to reduce waste. When you’re on an outing make sure to pack food that’ll surely be consumed to avoid food scraps and food waste. Don’t forget to bring disposable plates as well. This is just a responsibility that’ll take little time to practice and make into a routine.

Be energy efficient to reduce carbon dioxide

Be energy efficient to reduce carbon dioxide

Save the earth through this tip. This tip surely reduces carbon dioxide from both direct emissions from fuel combustion and indirectly from electricity.

Be efficient by using appliances only when they are needed. Switch out your incandescent lights to led bulbs, since led bulbs consume less energy than traditional lighting. Make sure to also air filter regularly to be able to reduce cost and energy consumption since your air- conditioner or air systems are working efficiently. Your windows at home are responsible for an amount of residential heat gain which is why it also important to seal the gaps of your home to maintain proper insulation.

Save energy by using natural light during the day as this acts as an equivalent led bulbs. When the sun emit light, use this to your advantage to also naturally hang clothes instead of using your dryers. Wash clothes in cold water. Live energy wise and switch to products that are super energy efficient to save mother earth.

Conserve water

Be energy efficient to reduce carbon dioxide

Water supplies during extremely hot weather decrease by a lot. The water dams would have low levels, which is why people should conserve water especially during this season.

Don’t waste water. Keep bottled water in your refrigerators to stay hydrated. Some would even use filtered tap water just to conserve what they already have at home. Fix that leaky faucet! Don’t let your water consumption go up. Combat climate change by making smart decisions.

Plant more trees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

No matter if it’s an itty bitty baby tree, do make planting a habit. Create a natural habitat that could eventually lead to a large-scale food production.

By planting more trees, you reduce carbon emissions, and reduce greenhouse gases, and organic waste. All you’ll need to get set is a great natural fertilizer and fewer chemicals that’ll aid in the growth of a young tree or plant. One young tree will eventually lead to greater things ahead. If you need any more tips on this, you may also ask your, local farmers, for assistance in curating rich soil. Local farmers make this livelihood to steer away from processed foods and switch up to natural and organic production of food.

Save the earth and start to plant trees now.

Don’t flush chemicals down the waterways

dont flush chemicals down the waterways

Save marine life by not throwing any harsh chemical wastes such as laundry and cleaning detergents. Solid waste could also be harmful to the environment.

Chemical reactions once flushed down the drain, leads to big oceans. It poisons the marine ecosystem, which not only stops food production it also kills the marine ecosystems. Making it inhabitable for them.

Switch to cleaning products that use organic ingredients that are safe for the ocean and for the earth. Save earth by switching to sustainability even within your household products.

Switch out old incandescent bulbs

Switch out old incandescent bulbs

The purchasing power of getting items that are cost and energy saving does wonders.

Switch out those old incandescent bulbs to LED lights. LED allows emitting light in a very narrow band wavelength which makes it super cost-conscious for your home. Not only will this make your home cooler from the warm air, it saves up a lot of energy while you save earth.

Use bikes

Save yourself from car fails emissions and the build-up of the toxic gas that leads to global warming. For those who are car conscious, maintaining a car means to check everything, including if your tires have been inflated to the proper pressure. To get away from inconvenience, switch to using bikes instead as they are low maintenance and gets you to where you need to be without harming the environment.

Having a car means carbon storage. Reduce greenhouse gases and get moving through bikes. Not only will it save the earth, but it will also help you exercise for better health.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

As early as it gets, schools teach their students to practice the 3Rs.

Reduce plastic waste and save money by keeping this practice a priority. Even when you’re out in malls you’d see trash bins in three segregation boxes so that they can throw away waste properly and then reuse the materials that can still be changes to something new and better purpose.

Be a volunteer

Your voice matters the most. Be able to make a change by volunteering at programs that have the same goal for saving the earth. Communities will need action implemented for things to be more progressive in specification for that movement itself.

Stand up for the environment that you live on by joining events, donation drives, and collective gatherings that clean up the environment or help preserve it. Like tree planting or picking up trash in your local community.

These are baby steps to reach the ultimate goal of a healthy community and healthy world.

Educate others on the effects of climate change

educate others on the effects of climate change

United Nations suggests that everyone should make a proactive change for the environment on how to reduce greenhouse gases.

Switch to recycled materials. Switch out those plastic bags for cloth bags. The small and big changes will definitely not be seen as wasting energy. Make wise decisions for the youth and for you. Be able to make these changes at home and see how things will positively benefit the earth in the future.

Climate change not only affects resources like natural gas, water, and food. It affects the livelihood of many. Don’t be too late because this planet is the only land people could live on. Move together as one to reduce the harmful effects of climate change and global warming.

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