5 Reasons Why the Best Month to Buy a Crown Asia Property Is in the -Ber Period

By: Katherine Cortez
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Investing in a luxurious property is a dream for many. And if there’s a particular period that stands out for making this dream a reality, it’s undoubtedly the “-ber” months. As a potential homeowner, you may wonder why the end of the year—specifically from September to December—stands out. With Crown Asia, one of the Philippines’ top property developers, the reasons become even clearer.

1. Dive Deep into the World of Lower Interest Rates

Understanding Interest Rates:

Whenever you secure a loan for a property, you’re not just paying back the borrowed amount but also an interest rate—a fee for the privilege of using the bank’s money. It fluctuates throughout the year based on various economic factors.

The “-ber” Advantage:

During the “-ber” months, banks often lower their interest rates. This reduction can result from several factors: a lull in major economic activities, fewer property transactions, or even promotional efforts to end the year on a high. For those purchasing Crown Asia properties, this could mean significant savings. A slight reduction in the interest rate on a luxury property translates into a substantial monetary difference over the period of the loan.

The Crown Asia Edge:

With its array of upscale properties, Crown Asia ensures that every peso spent is an investment in quality, luxury, and a distinguished lifestyle. The reduced interest rates during the “-ber” months provide an excellent opportunity for buyers to immerse themselves in the world of opulence that Crown Asia offers, while also making a sound financial decision.

2. A Personalized Experience Awaits Amidst Fewer Buyers


The Holiday Distraction:

As the “-ber” months roll in, festivity fills the air. Most potential buyers are focused on celebrating holidays, making large-scale decisions like purchasing property a less common occurrence.

Crown Asia’s Attention to Detail:

With fewer buyers in the market, Crown Asia’s dedicated team can provide a bespoke experience. Their ability to focus on individual clients means more detailed property viewings, extended consultations, and an opportunity to truly understand the unique offerings of each Crown Asia property.

The Negotiation Benefit:

Fewer buyers also mean less competition. While Crown Asia properties are undoubtedly in high demand, the “-ber” months might give you a slight edge in negotiations, helping you secure your dream property at favorable terms.

3. Harness the Power of Your Holiday Bonus for Investing in Real Estate

The Filipino Tradition:

The end of the year in the Philippines is not just a time of festivities but also a period where employees receive their bonuses, including the 13th-month pay.

Transforming Bonuses into Assets:

Instead of using this additional income on transient pleasures, why not invest it in a lasting asset? A Crown Asia property serves as both—a luxury residence and a sound investment. By channeling your bonus into your home’s down payment or even covering additional costs, you pave the way for a brighter financial future.

The Crown Asia Promise:

Every Crown Asia property is designed to offer a blend of luxury, comfort, and modernity. Using your bonus towards such a property means ensuring a lifestyle upgrade while also securing tangible assets that appreciate over time.

4. Tax Benefits: More Than Just Savings

End-of-Year Tax Incentives:

The government, in its bid to stimulate economic activity, often introduces tax incentives, especially towards the end of the financial year.

Crown Asia’s Financial Guidance:

The financial experts at Crown Asia are well-equipped to guide potential homeowners through these tax incentives. Be it discounts on property taxes, exemptions, or any other fiscal benefit—the Crown Asia team ensures you’re informed and ready to maximize these perks.

Beyond Just Savings:

While the immediate tax benefits are enticing, it’s also about long-term financial planning. Investing in a Crown Asia property during the “-ber” months, equipped with these tax advantages, can set the tone for a year of smart financial choices.

5. The Comfort of House-Hunting in Cooler Climates


The Philippine Climate Reality:

Known for its tropical climate, the Philippines can get quite warm, making outdoor activities like house hunting a challenge.

The “-ber” Climate Edge:

But as the year winds down, the “-ber” months bring a respite from the heat, offering cooler temperatures ideal for outdoor explorations. Crown Asia’s expansive properties, with their lush landscapes and intricate architectural details, are best explored in this pleasant weather.

A True Inspection:

Beyond comfort, the cooler climate allows potential buyers to inspect properties under different conditions. Detecting areas needing insulation, and checking for rain-induced damages like leaks—these are aspects more evident during the “-ber” months.

A Confluence of Factors: The “-Ber” Month Advantage with Crown Asia

Luxury Beyond Time: Crown Asia’s Year-Long Appeal

Throughout the calendar year, Crown Asia’s properties gleam with a blend of finesse and allure. Every brick laid, every landscape designed, and every amenity provided bear the hallmark of Crown Asia’s commitment to luxury and craftsmanship. These homes are not just structures; they’re promises of an elevated lifestyle.

However, as the year winds to its close, the “-ber” months – September, October, November, and December – bring about a distinct rhythm in the real estate sector, casting a fresh light on the allure of Crown Asia Properties.

The Financial Sweet Spot of the “-Ber” Months

One cannot underscore the financial benefits that come into play during the last quarter of the year. As financial institutions recalibrate their strategies to close the year on a positive note, potential homeowners find themselves looking at a landscape dotted with favorable lending rates, enticing offers, and tax incentives. For many, this period becomes the most opportune moment to make significant financial decisions, such as investing in a luxury property. Within this backdrop, Crown Asia’s homes, already paragons of value, become even more enticing.

Personal Comfort and The Pleasures of House-Hunting

Beyond the ledger and the balance sheets, the “-ber” months bring about a tangible change in the atmosphere. The scorching heat mellows down, replaced by cooler breezes and occasionally, the refreshing drizzles of late monsoon. This climatic shift doesn’t just offer respite from the heat; it transforms house-hunting from a sweaty chore to a pleasant experience. Walking through the expansive layouts of Crown Asia Properties, visualizing a future amidst their lush landscapes, and experiencing the intricate designs become a joy in itself during these cooler months.

Market Dynamics: The Serendipity of Reduced Competition

The festive spirit of the “-ber” months often means that potential buyers are fewer in number, their attention divided between year-end holidays and familial commitments. This reduced competition in the market can be a boon for discerning buyers. With fewer buyers vying for the same property, negotiations can be more flexible, choices more diverse, and decisions less rushed. The already impeccable service of Crown Asia’s team becomes even more tailored, catering to the specific needs and aspirations of those looking to invest.

The Optimal Time for an Elevated Decision

While any time of the year holds the promise of luxury with Crown Asia, the “-ber” months provide a unique convergence of factors – financial, personal, and market-driven – that amplify this promise. For those poised to elevate their living standards, to step into a world where luxury is intertwined with value, there truly is no period quite like the “-ber” months to make that pivotal move with Crown Asia.

Crown Asia – Crafting Legacies in the Realm of Luxury Real Estate

In the tapestry of luxury real estate, there are names that merely promise, and then there are those that deliver. Crown Asia, with its decades of expertise and relentless pursuit of perfection, undoubtedly belongs to the latter category.

Pine Suites Tagaytay Pool

A Legacy of Excellence:

Every property under the Crown Asia banner is meticulously crafted, echoing a commitment that transcends beyond bricks, marble, and landscaped gardens. It’s a commitment to the dreams and aspirations of every homeowner. Here, every archway, every window pane, and every leisure amenity is woven with precision, passion, and a promise of permanence. Such dedication has positioned Crown Asia not just as a property developer but as a creator of legacies.

The Pinnacle of Modern Living:

What sets Crown Asia apart is its ability to anticipate the needs of the modern homeowner and amalgamate them with timeless designs. It’s not just about creating houses but about establishing spaces where memories are forged, futures envisioned, and legacies created. Their properties are sanctuaries of comfort and oases of luxury in the bustling landscapes of the urban Philippines.

The “-Ber” Months Magnifying Glass:

While the allure of Crown Asia is evident throughout the year, the “-ber” months bring with them a unique spotlight, magnifying the brand’s distinct advantages. These months, laden with financial incentives, comfortable weather, and favorable market dynamics, provide an optimal backdrop against which Crown Asia’s offerings shine even brighter. It’s as if the universe conspires in these months to highlight the unmatched value proposition of Crown Asia homes.

A Decision Beyond Time:

As the year inches to its conclusion and the festive spirit of the “-ber” months permeates every decision, potential homeowners are presented with a golden opportunity. With Crown Asia, this decision transcends beyond the immediate. It’s about anchoring oneself in a legacy, securing a future amidst unparalleled luxury, and making a statement of one’s aspirations and achievements.

As the festive lanterns light up the nights and the cool breeze carries whispers of celebrations, one can’t help but ponder: Isn’t it the perfect time to etch one’s legacy with Crown Asia? For many who value luxury interwoven with timeless value, the journey to their dream home begins and culminates with Crown Asia, especially in the radiant glow of the “-ber” months.

Special “-Ber” Months Promo with Crown Asia: A Limited-Time Opportunity Not to Be Missed!

 The enchantment of the “-Ber” months extends beyond the festive spirit and cooler weather. This year, it’s also about an unparalleled opportunity for prospective homeowners, courtesy of Crown Asia.

Celebrate with Crown Asia in Tagaytay:

Experience the serene beauty and cool climate of Tagaytay like never before. Crown Asia’s properties in this picturesque city are the epitome of luxury and comfort, perfectly complementing the natural charm of the surroundings. And with the exclusive “-Ber” months promo, there’s never been a better time to invest in your dream home with a Tagaytay condo.

Discover Luxury in Daanghari-Alabang:

Nestled in one of the most sought-after locations, Crown Asia’s offerings in Daanghari-Alabang promise a blend of urban convenience and sophisticated luxury. The special “-Ber” months discount ensures that this premium lifestyle is more accessible than ever.

Elevate Your Lifestyle in Bacoor, Cavite:

Bacoor, Cavite, with its blend of history, culture, and modernity, is the perfect backdrop for Crown Asia’s architectural marvels. And as the “-Ber” months roll in, potential homeowners can look forward to exclusive deals that make these residences even more enticing.

Across Verticals and Horizontals:

Whether you’re looking for the soaring elegance of vertical projects or the expansive grandeur of horizontal ones, Crown Asia’s “-Ber” months promo spans them all. Each property, irrespective of its orientation, echoes Crown Asia’s commitment to luxury, design, and superior craftsmanship.

An Unmissable Opportunity with Crown Asia’s “-Ber” Months Promo

Rarely does the world of real estate witness promotions that truly capture the essence of value, luxury, and strategic timing. The “-Ber” months, renowned for their festive atmosphere and year-end reflections, are being transformed by Crown Asia into a period of unmatched property investment opportunity.

Celebration Beyond Festivity:

While the “-Ber” months are synonymous with festivity, Crown Asia elevates this period into a celebration of aspirations and milestones. It’s not merely about the joy of the season; it’s the exhilaration of being a step closer to your dream home. With deals that are as meticulously crafted as their properties, Crown Asia ensures that every investment made during this period is a testament to both luxury and unmatched value.

Diverse Landscapes, Singular Promise:

From the tranquil allure of the Tagaytay highlands, with its breathtaking views and serene ambiance, to the dynamic pulse of Daanghari-Alabang and the rich cultural tapestry of Bacoor, Cavite – Crown Asia’s properties span diverse landscapes but offer a singular promise: unparalleled luxury tailored to the discerning homeowner. And with the “-Ber” months promo, this promise is accentuated with an offer that’s as compelling as it is unique.

Echoes of Opportunity:

As the nights grow longer, filled with the resonant sounds of festive celebrations, laughter, and joyous songs, there’s an underlying echo of opportunity. It’s the whisper of a chance, the gentle nudge towards making a decision that could redefine luxury living for many.

Every “-Ber” month brings with it a spirit of hope, celebration, and reflection. But this year, Crown Asia’s exclusive promo, it also offers a tangible path to realizing your dreams. As you bask in the festive glow, amidst the shimmering lights and celebratory cheers, take a moment to consider the magnitude of the opportunity before you. Crown Asia’s “-Ber” months promo isn’t just an offer; it’s an invitation to a lifestyle of distinction and elegance. And it’s an invitation that you’d regret overlooking.

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