12 Bedroom Layout Ideas You Should Use

By: Levi Santiago

Within your home, your master bedroom is supposed to be your own personal safe space. Think of it as your sanctuary and as a place that reflects and can impact your state of mind. After all, it is in the bedroom where you sleep, rest, and keep your personal items. Therefore, giving attention to its layout will likely enhance your day-to-day living experience and positively impact your mood.

Create a Floor Plan Before Anything Else, With the Help of an Interior Designer or Just by Your Own

When it comes to planning the layout of your room, certain factors of the space of your bedroom, such as “size, shape, and purpose,” must be taken into account. It is within the available space of the bedroom in your house and lot for sale that you can imbue your own personal tastes for certain designs and functions. Hence, make sure to first create a floor plan that notes the proper measures of your bedroom space and its elements.

Once you’ve got your plan, your bedroom is your canvas to express yourself.

Great Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Utilize your bed’s headboard space.

The space above your bed’s headboard should not go to waste by just being empty. However, in the context that the wall is made of unique material – made of stone, unlike the rest of the walls in your room, for example – then simply placing your bed’s upholstered headboard against the wall of unique material is a good choice in itself. Otherwise, you can place a nightstand above your bed’s headboard, or you can place artwork right above the headboard to design the space.

Have additional sitting furniture or a wide sitting area.

The bed should not be the only place where you can sit or lie down. Have additional sitting furniture in your bedroom and turn it into a great lounging space where you can relax on different parts of your room’s space. Having a small sofa or daybed is a nice pick for when you just want a place to either settle for a while when surfing through the internet or take a nap.

Take advantage of using neutral colors in your bedroom.

Mixing neutral colors into an aesthetically pleasing combination can make your room much more pleasing to look at it. Furthermore, the use of neutral colors does not have to be restricted to just the walls, floor, or ceiling of your bedroom in your house and lot for sale. Apply them to the materials of your furniture, desks, shelves, and the like. Good materials that make use of neutral colors are “leather, sheepskin, wool, and wood.”

Make use of mirrors creatively.

Having mirrors in your bedroom is not just for looking at yourself. They can be used to enhance how you view the room especially if you have a small bedroom. Have an appropriate mirror in your dressing area that complements the space that it’s set in. Use mirrors to reflect certain parts of the room that are nice to look at, such as artworks that are placed on your walls. In addition, having mirrors in your room can bounce off natural light coming from your windows, making your bedroom look brighter.

Have plants and/or flowers to enhance your bedroom.

Place flowers on a desk or have one or two oversized green plants in your room. This will give your bedroom in your house and lot for sale a more natural feel that enhances relaxation when you stay in your room.

Plan your layout around your windows for natural light.

The windows are an integral part of your bedroom mainly because of two reasons: the first is that it is what lets

natural light into your room, and the second is that it gives you a view of the world outside of your room. Hence, it is important to plan your layout around your windows.

Position your bed so that you can get a good view outside your window when you wake up to brighten up your morning, and make sure no furniture is blocking the view.

Have a hidden hamper for space maximization.

Instead of having a laundry basket all the way in the living room or taking up space in your bedroom in your house and lot for sale, have a hidden hamper in one of your cabinets. This way, you will maximize both storage space and the energy you expend on organizing your used clothes.

Have artwork or a gallery wall to add character to your bedroom.

Having artwork in your room can never go wrong when done properly. Hang them on walls in your room that have a lot of free space to improve the aesthetic of your bedroom. Another great idea is to have a gallery wall instead that includes making use of memorable photos from your photo albums. Either way, both ideas, will add character to your room. Make sure to use picture frames that complement the room’s design as well.

Turn your bedroom into a suitable reading area.

Aside from being a place for sleeping, turning your bedroom in your house and lot for sale into a suitable reading area is a fantastic idea. Have built-in bookcases on one of your walls to store books that you can read on your additional sitting furniture for an enhanced bedroom living experience.

Implement an apartment studio bedroom layout.

An apartment studio is a unit that “houses everything within a single room.” If you live in a space like this, then an excellent idea to implement would be to have room dividers in your room, especially around your bed so that guests don’t intrude on that area unless you allow them to. Improve your bedroom décor and aesthetic by making use of room dividers made of nice material – a great example is room dividers made of rattan.

Be strategic about awkward angles in your room as well as other separate rooms in your home

If your room has awkward angles where the space seems too small or the walls curve, then you have to be strategic with planning your bedroom layout. Take advantage of these awkward spaces by turning them into “multifunctional spaces.”

Have sized-down double-duty furniture that increases storage space for small spaces, and place rounded furniture like swivel accent chairs next to curved walls in the bedroom of your house and lot for sale.

Turn your bedroom into a suitable work area.

A modern bedroom nowadays is multifunctional and has a lot of bedroom features.

Your bedroom can become a work area without interfering with the concept that your room is a place to relax and rest in. A good tip, first and foremost, is to separate your bed from your work area in the first place. Furthermore, have a work desk made of good material that fits the aesthetic of the room, or convert your dressing table into a workspace, and place it next to the window to maximize natural light during the day and offer a fantastic view of the outside room for when it’s either night or day.

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