What is your Interior Design Style?

by Anna Lucas


Have you ever experienced the frustration of not being able to define to your interior decorator the kind of design you would like in your home? Have you ever been so confused when your designer asked you whether you wanted a Contemporary or Modern interior for your house in Crown Asia Valenza, Sta. Rosa, Laguna? Well, you and just about hundreds others are lost with the different design styles.

While there are countless combinations of designs out there that can fit your personality, below is a rundown of the most common interiors. Find out which is your own personal design style.


Modern (a.k.a. Mid Century Design) actually refers to the design style during the 1900’s. It is defined by clean lines and minimalist profiles. Colors tend to combine dark neutral tones with saturated accent colors. This design style uses more simple furniture rather than the ornate ones. Furniture is mostly wood, with plastic or aluminum features.


This is often misinterpreted as the Modern Design Style because some of the elements of Modern Design are carried
through Contemporary. While modern refers to a specific period or era, contemporary refers to the current style – it is the now in interior design. Therefore, it is more fluid and often changing.


The Industrial Interior Design celebrates the turn-of- the-century design era. Key element of this style is the raw and unfinished look. Therefore you can often see exposed pipes and ducts in the ceilings, and unpainted /unfinished walls.
It is also defined by metal or stainless steel highlights, and neutral colors. Furniture are often vintage and made of wood or metal and are chosen more for function rather than aesthetics.


Scandinavian design style is known for its simplicity and understated elegance. It is identified by its neutral gentle
colors, with wood highlights. Wall-to- wall carpets are not part of the scandi design, as well as multiple accessories.
Furniture are often clean, simple and functional, and placed in a way that gives a lot of breathable space for its owners.


Traditional design style is usually of European influence. It exudes elegance with its antique and regal furniture, dark
rich colors and ornate elements. It gives importance to symmetry, therefore almost everything comes in pairs such as
sofas, chairs, lamps, end tables. It incorporates grand elements such as chandeliers, delicate china, vases, mirrors and candleholders. A touch of gold is commonly used to convey the richness of this design style.


These are just a few of the hundreds of design styles out that you can use for your Crown Asia Home. But whatever your design style is, don’t forget to incorporate your personality so that your home will be the dream house you will come home to every day.

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