Hosting Dinner For Your Boss in your New Home

by Anna Lucas


Moving into your new home in Lakefront is one of the most exciting moments in your life. You just can’t stop telling
whoever wants to listen about how you love the Lakefront community and how you had a good value for your money.
Your boss talked about how he would love to see your new home, and you sorta, kinda invited him for dinner. Now that the dinner date is getting closer, you are panicking about how to entertain your superior. Don’t fret, below are do’s and don’ts when hosting dinner for your boss.


DO invite your colleagues to dinner
Having your boss as your only dinner guest will fire up office gossip. Your colleagues might accuse you of brown-nosing or being a tittle tattle. Inviting your colleagues will not only avoid these accusations, but will also reduce the awkwardness.


DON’T talk about work
Talking about a funny incident at the office is fine. But talking about deadlines and things-to- do are a definite NO-NO. Remember that your boss is also under as much (or even more) stress as you are, and you definitely do not want to talk about stressors during dinner. Also, look at this as an opportunity for your boss to get to know you more outside of work. Talk about interests, hobbies, or even your home buying process.


DO clean up your house
Expect your boss and your colleagues to want to go around the house. It is after all the reason for having the dinner in the first place. Though they will not exactly go into your bedroom, they would like to take a peek. Make sure there are no embarrassing underwear on display at the toilet or any valuables just lying around.


DON’T talk about politics nor religion
This is particularly important if you and your boss have differing political bets or have different religious beliefs.
Discussions about these topics can quickly escalate to an all-out argument. If your boss is the one to bring up the topic, you can politely say that you want to keep it light for dinner. You can even set a house rule before dinner starts that topics about work, politics and religions are not allowed. Just make sure you stir the topic to something interesting.


Finally, do relax and have fun over dinner. You are a proud homeowner of a Crown Asia home, and you just excited to share this with those around you, whether it’s your boss, your family or your friends. So just let the excitement speak for itself.

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