Being Healthy in Your Home in Sta. Rosa, Laguna

by Anna Lucas

We have heard it time and time again: the time to be healthy is now. And yet, our daily schedule seems to be always getting in our way to becoming healthy. But starting a healthy lifestyle need not be that taxing. In fact, it is quite easy to maintain. Here are simple tips on how to be healthy in your home in Valenza, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.


Surround yourself with Greens
Surrounding yourself with trees and plants have a lot of benefits for your health. First and foremost, it is a natural air filter since it absorbs carbon monoxide and other harmful gases; and it produces clean oxygen. In fact, one large tree can supply the oxygen requirements of one family.


Aside from this, trees are known to have a relaxing and calming effect. There were even studies that showed that neighborhoods with lots of greens have reduced incidences of violence. Trees are also known to reduce stress, and keep you cool and peaceful.


Fortunately, Crown Asia believes in keeping a green environment in its properties. As such Valenza has beautifully maintained green open spaces. So all you really have to do is move in to your new house and you get the benefits of living in green.


Move More
If you spend most of your day at the office sitting in front of your computer, then try to make it a point to move more during the weekends. It does not have to be a full work out in the gym, if that is not your thing. It can be a simple bike or stroll around your neighborhood, or a few lapses at the village’s pool.


The important thing is that you find something that is fun for you. Valenza is centrally located at the heart of the lifestyle center of Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It is easy to find an activity that you enjoy. There are gyms, golf courses, bike trails and even hiking trails that are just a few minutes away. Or the best thing you can do is just park the car during the weekends and just walk to the mall. A simple habit like this will keep you fit and moving.


Eat Healthier
The most important thing to do to keep healthy is to choose the right food. We have heard a lot of fad diets, like fruit and veggie diet, or the no protein diet. These are just short-term fads and does not work for the long haul. Unless you have a specific condition, all you need to do is eat a balanced diet to stay fit. This means, more veggies, less processed foods and less sugar and fats. Since it is sometimes too tiresome to count calories, just remember that in your regular plate, half should be fruits and veggies, a fourth should be grains or pasta, and a fourth are your proteins. This is the simplified way to keep track of a balanced diet.


If you need some healthy alternatives to your snacking, walk on over to those healthy retail outlets around your community. Or during the weekend, you can drive to Tagaytay to get your fix for the week of organic items. There are several organic farms scattered around that city so just take your pick.


Just remember, we only have one body in our lifetime. So we better start taking care of it. Take that first step to being healthy.

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