Fun Christmas Activities for Kids in Your Home

by Anna Lucas


Christmas is just around the corner. It is unmistakably the most wonderful time of the year. If you have
children at home, then you know that it is hard to contain the excitement of the kids during this season.
This is the best time to spread love and joy in your home in Ponticelli in Bacoor, Cavite. Holiday
activities with your children will make the festive season even more celebratory. Below are some
Christmas activities that can you can do with your children to observe Christmas.


Starting a Christmas Countdown

Start with a simple Christmas Countdown. Just prepare a calendar where your child can cross out the
days, to know when the Christmas is coming. If you want to bring this countdown to a different level,
you can make a simple DIY Calendar where the kids can peel off the days and find their surprise
underneath it. Let them eat a different treat every day until the D-day. This will definitely build up their


Setting up the Christmas Tree

Let your children decorate the Christmas tree. You can make this activity more exciting by allowing the
kids to make their own decorations. Whether they do some arts and crafts, or decorate it with their
toys, this will spark their originality. Christmas Trees need not be uniform nor perfect. A touch of the
children’s love and design will make it more homey and merry.


Making Christmas Parols

Making Parols is a Christmas tradition in the Philippines that is slowly fading. With the parent’s busy
schedules, it is becoming more convenient to just buy a Christmas star than make one. However, this is
a very exciting activity for the kids. It also develops their creativity and their handiness. It would be nice
to take some time off to make some parols. It’s also a great decoration to your Crown Asia home – a
proud end product of your children’s love effort.


Baking Christmas Goodies

Christmas is also synonymous to goodies. From cookies to chocolates to brownies, this is the season
that is abundant of treats. Homemade baked goodies are gifts that show love and provide a personal
touch. Get your children to help you with the baking and make it a fun holiday activity.


Wrapping Gifts

Kids love giving gifts as much as they want to receive them. Most of the time, the children would want
to help with the gift wrapping. Let them. It doesn’t matter if the wrapping is not as straight and not as
perfect. But the recipients will appreciate it more knowing that your young one wrapped it lovingly.


Reading Christmas Stories

Let us always remind the children the essence of Christmas – which is Jesus Christ. Read them stories
about the birth of Jesus, as well as stories of kindness and generosity. This is the best way to keep the
Christmas Spirit alive.


Christmas is the season to be jolly. It is a celebration of the birth of the Jesus Christ and therefore, a
celebration fort the kids and kids-at- heart. Spread the joy, and make this a festivity that everyone will
enjoy. Cheers!

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