Expectation vs Reality vs Rolling Over and Taking It: The REAL Deal in REAL Estate

by Katherine Cortez

“I like it when people complain” Said no one ever.


I’ll be honest too, I hate when people complain…BEFORE.
I’ve been working at Crown Asia for a year now and it was really rewarding for me to get the job that helps me develop my communication, social and negotiation skills. And of course, in developing those said skills you need to deal with PEOPLE. Believe me or not, even though I’m a Marketing Graduate, I don’t socialize a lot. I can sit happily with my earphones on and call it a day.

But everything changed when I joined Crown Asia. My first job was literally like a roller coaster ride and my seatbelt is not on- It is quite daunting. With my student life fast becoming a distant memory, settling into working life can take a bit of getting used to. No classmates, No professors, No quizzes, No calculators, No dictionaries, No fake excuses, No allowances… so what does it is really like to be 20WORK.

All millennials reading this, let’s hold hand and together we jump into the deep hole of REALITY.

Adulthood here I come!

Work. Work. Work.

It was all fun and peaceful…days are passing by fruitfully. I met new friends and it feels like my happily ever after.

As I thought it was…

Until one day, on my first week and all of my workmates are on their leave. This client, who I will never forget, decided to visit our Sales Office whining over their modular cabinet being askew. She’s stopping my heart like bad cholesterol. Breathe in…breathe out. It’s Showtime!

So as I walk through the valley of the shadow of my death. I try to smile to radiate light in the midst of total darkness *cough* her aura.

As I move closer and closer, I can’t forget her daunting breath flowing into my face as she exhaled. She literally looks like the mean, masungit and mataray lola we all have in our family tree. She has this long, curly grey hair tied up in a bun at the back of her head in a desperate attempt to hide the obvious bald spot. She had a skirt on, a red one that sagged to the ground, and a black and white plaid shirt. She noticed me staring at her clothes and whacked me swiftly with her bag, bringing my attention back to her face. She also has this round glass covering her dark grey sharp eyes, and something fearful inside me felt like she was looking underneath my young soul.

I was literally praying to God to please bless this lady in front of me, a heart not to bite me. I tried offering her a drink to lessen her burning desire on destroying our Sales Office and also to give myself time to call for help. I tried contacting one of our Sales and Marketing Officer to help me deal with her concern. I was literally defenseless but I need to stand and compose myself. Her modular cabinets was askew and can be fixed by the contractor in a manner of minutes but of course, by the look at her face and counting her effort to come by our office, she was understandably irate about this. She was shouting and pointing her fingers to me like she really needs to calm down. I bit my lip and tried not to cry out like a baby. I really tried my best to let her feel that I’m very sorry for the inconvenience caused and will keep her posted on updates regarding the issue. After our 15-minute talk (which feels like eternity), she then agrees to keep in touch and walk away calmly. A sudden realization hit me, it was over.


4 things I learned on the situation:
1. People who complain sometimes just want to be heard. So LISTEN.
2. No one is ever going to be more honest with you than an unhappy customer. So TAKE DOWN NOTES.
3. Complains are friends, welcome it with open arms.
4. Cold drinks really help clients to cool down their temper. *tested*
5. Take the people by the heart.


On the plus side, looking underneath the complaints can challenge the way things are done within the organization and helps identify the weak points to take the company to the next level. They can be a reality check and help them identify ways to grow, improve and develop. Also, it’s not only for the company but also for my personal and professional development.

And for a real estate company like Crown Asia, customer’s satisfaction is always on our top priority. Good Reputation is more valuable than money. One of the main goal is to connect with the market. We’re not selling houses, we’re selling homes. Expect comfort with style! So in order for them to understand our goal, we should first listen to their opinion. If you have 9 dissatisfied clients, they’ve told 27 people about it. The actions you took when clients complains can have a significant impact on the business especially it’s a Real Estate, this is the real deal. But reality check, not only clients can complain, sales person can too…but not directly.


Minsan mango, minsan client.

We all have our own expectations.


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