Crown Asia Helps You Become Ready for Life

By: Crown Asia

Crown Asia Properties, the premium residential arm of Vista Land, recently launched its Ready for Life Campaign last June 15, 2020.  This campaign was unveiled to meet the contemporary lifestyle of young families looking to own a home in a distinct suburban environment. 

“We understand that for some of our home buyers, the main hurdle in purchasing their new home is actually time,” said Anna Garcia-Ramos, Marketing Head of Crown Asia.  “We live in a fast-paced environment.  We know that executives and businessmen can be tied to their jobs 24/7.  Therefore, they need homes that can match their fast-moving lifestyle.  This is where our Ready for Life Campaign steps in.”

This campaign features Ready for Occupancy units, which are sophisticated spaces that are waiting to be lived in.  It offers a variety of homes that can meet whatever demands of the homebuyer – whether it is a family home or a second city home.  The wide range of residential options includes 12 Italian-inspired design premium homes and 238 well-designed condominium units, located in one of the most strategic and prestigious locations in the country.

In introducing the Ready for Life homes, Crown Asia carefully considered the demands of the market.  For those looking for a second home in the city – a place where one can destress and rest after a hard day’s work before heading back to the family home.

For those looking for their forever home away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Crown Asia offers units in their sought-after properties in Ponticelli, located along Daang Hari, and in Vivace and Carmel located in Cavite.

“What we want to emphasize is that these are not just your regular RFOs (Ready for Occupancy) that we made available in the market,” declared Garcia-Ramos.  “Our Ready for Life Homes have all been scrutinized to meet the standards of select and stylish homes that Crown Asia is known for.  We considered the needs of our market because we want our properties to not just provide a roof over their heads but more importantly, we want them to have a home that will fit their contemporary lifestyle.”

With Crown Asia as the partner in readying the home, the homebuyer can have an effortless shift to the next stage of his life. 

Are you ready to rise up?  Ready to invest?  Ready for a change?  Ready for opportunities?  Crown Asia’s Ready for Life is Ready for you!