Classic Series or Designer Series?

by Crown Asia

Crown Asia has been one of the leading developers in the country. Being the pioneer of thematic homes (horizontal and vertical) and communities, we have shown our customers and clients why we are worth coming home to.


If you have ever encountered our exhibit (a joint effort of Brittany and Crown Asia for Vista Alabang) at EVIA Lifestyle Center’s Sky Art, we explained the two options you can choose from when buying a house in our projects.


What is the idea behind our Classic and Designer Series?


Classic Series:

Classic, Simple, Elegant, Timeless


Classic series, a representative of our brand. It has been what we have always offered to our clients who appreciate the signature and branding of Crown Asia.


From Italian, Caribbean, to American, each design’s planning and architecture (exterior and interior) shows what an “upgraded” lifestyle should look and feel like.


Designer Series:

Designer, Masterpiece, Maker, Creator


Designer Series, made and offered to our clients who want to explore their creativity in designing the interiors of their homes. From its partitions, the allocation of space for each area, to the tiles of their flooring, and even to the style of their ceiling; everything that goes inside their houses will be under their control.


Here is our Designer 142‘s layout for your reference.



Which fits your style?

Are you a Classic or are you a Designer?


Visit our office now at LGF, Bldg. B, Crown Asia Office, EVIA Lifestyle Center, Vista Alabang to reserve your dream home!

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