Citta Italia Now Showing

By: Crown Asia

If Ennio Morricone comes up with epic musical scores, Citta Italia has the sights for moving cinematography to match it up! Visit the beautiful community of Citta Italia this August and be swept away by fabulous offers as we treat you to some movie classics, teas, and desserts.

When Ennio Morricone composes epic musical scores, he paints auditory masterpieces that linger in our hearts. At Citta Italia, we have carefully crafted a visual symphony that perfectly complements his timeless compositions.

Come and experience the breathtaking beauty of Citta Italia this August, where we invite you to immerse yourself in the cinematic grandeur of our community. It’s a place where every corner seems like a frame from a moving masterpiece, where enchanting landscapes and elegant architecture come together to form the perfect backdrop for life’s most memorable moments.

As you step into Citta Italia, you’ll feel like the protagonist in your very own movie. We’re delighted to welcome you with open arms and an array of fabulous offers that will make your journey here even more unforgettable. Picture this: strolling through our charming streets, the golden sun setting on the horizon, and the tranquil sound of water features filling the air. It’s a scene straight out of a classic film.

And what’s a cinematic experience without a touch of elegance? Join us for a delightful afternoon of movie classics, where we’ll screen some of the greatest films ever made. Savor the moment as you indulge in a selection of the finest teas and delectable desserts, all designed to make your visit truly enchanting.

Citta Italia isn’t just a place to live; it’s a place to create your own story. A place where the art of living meets the magic of cinema. Join us this August, and let us sweep you off your feet with the allure of Citta Italia – where life imitates art, and every day feels like a scene from a cinematic masterpiece