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Summer Design Ideas For Your Crown Asia House and Lot

By nature, summer is a time of change – part of that has to do with the fact that, in a tropical climate, we don’t have spring. Being so, maybe this is the perfect time to make some changes in your home.

Here are some great design or renovation ideas for your Crown Asia house and lot this summer:

Bright-colored walls

Physics will probably tell you that dark colors absorb heat, which doesn’t sound so nice when those black walls you have in your living room will turn your house into a microwave oven this April through May. The solution? Bright colored walls. They’ll brighten up your space as well as simply reflect the light and heat from the forbidding sun instead of absorbing it. Getting a bucket of orange, yellow, or light green and repainting a few rooms may just be both the practical and aesthetic transformation your house needs.

Plants, plants, plants

If you don’t already have them in your home, plants are always great to have around in your home. First, scientifically, they help get the air circulating in your enclosed space. Photosynthesis! Next, alone with your repainted walls, splashes of green can really elevate your space to look a little livelier. One of the biggest perks of this “design” idea is that you don’t really have to do much building or designing at all. Just pick some plant species and vases or pots that match with the overall style of your home, and you’re done!


Fish aren’t the most fun pets. They swim around in water and you feed them to keep them alive. Although they aren’t cuddly friends, fish might just work to the advantage of the visual impact of your space. Imagine that sprinkle of blue and colorful fish among your white walls. Having some fish and an aquarium set on those blank spaces or even integrated into your walls would give your room such a summer feel.


Okay, so you already have three out of your four walls painted in different bright colors. What do you do with the fourth to bring that design to the next level? Try a mural. Murals are any piece of art applied on a wall. If you’re an artist, maybe make a big landscape or abstract piece on the surface. Or if you’re a photographer, maybe have your best vacation picture from last summer be incorporated into it. But if you’re none of these, you can always take those bright colored paints and creatively apply geometric shapes into the design. Or maybe even use a silhouette. The possibilities are endless when you put your thinking cap on as you redesign your home.

Summer Photos

What says summer better than summer photos? Don’t worry if you haven’t gone anywhere this year yet (Calm down! We’re still in the first quarter!), you can always take that hard drive of yours and revisit memories from last summer or that time two years ago when you took your entire family to the greatest place in the world. Now that you’ve collated your memories, just get those photos developed and put them up on your walls in frames of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Perhaps, if you want to elevate the design further, get those photos printed on canvas and put them up as if you painted those memories in hyperrealism yourself! Putting all these memories and experiences around you might just even inspire your next vacation. Have a great and memorable summer!

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Katrina De JesusSummer Design Ideas For Your Crown Asia House and Lot