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A Trophy Worth Fighting For

Crown Asia has and continues to develop the country’s finest residential properties. It is the subsidiary of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. – the Philippines largest homebuilder – that creates communities for the nation’s upper middle-income families and individuals. This is largely populated by Filipinos who have endeavored to rise above their not-so-lofty pasts, and are finally able to reap the rewards of their struggles. Crown Asia believes that this group of individuals truly deserves a "trophy" home.

Since 1995, when Crown Asia welcomed the public to La Marea in San Pedro, Laguna – its very first offering – the company has been guided by the philosophy that every home and community it builds must be worthy of the success and hard work of its home owner. To the Filipino, a home is the big dream. The reason one works so hard and sacrifices so much. It is the finest gift one can give to one’s self, and to one’s family. For those who work harder than most, as seen in their greater success, the rewards must be greater as well. This is why, to this day, and over 30 developments later – including the regional developments carrying the Crown Asia brand – every masterplanned community is created with uncompromised quality.

Each Crown Asia home is designed and built with exceptionally high standards and workmanship. Beyond quality, the beauty of the homes and the luxury of the communities are the "trophies" our residents deserve for their triumphs – an exquisite reward to themselves. The pat on the back they have long deserved.

Whether you are looking to buy a house and lot or prefer the ease of condominium living, Crown Asia offers you a host of residential options from which you may select the best combination of location, space and type of home to suit your family’s needs and preferences. Aside from Crown Asia’s themed house and lot communities, Crown Asia also has European or American -themed medium-rise residential towers of about 5 to 15 storeys, where you can enjoy unparalleled luxury at the fraction of the cost of high-end condominiums. At Crown Asia’s residences, have ample space for all the things you love at the most coveted locations.

Living in One’s Favorite Vacation Spot

Beyond being known for excellent quality and craftsmanship, and being synonymous with the affordable luxury home, Crown Asia has the honor of bringing to the country the concept of "themed homes" – transporting the loveliest places on the planet onto the streets and avenues of the Philippines. By creating not just houses, but entire communities, that look authentically Italian, Southern and Northern American, Crown Asia has actually also enhanced or "beautified" – the Philippine landscape. To Crown Asia’s master planners, it was simply another way to reward future homeowners for their perseverance and success.

Where You Are Is As Important As Who You Are

Even the choice of location must be seen as a "reward" to the residents. Every Crown Asia neighborhood must be accessible and conveniently close to centers for business and leisure, as well as the necessary schools and hospitals. Transportation and main thoroughfares are always within easy reach and some even have a shuttle service to ferry residents around the villages and to transport hubs. Beyond the convenience, such easy accessibility is also seen as a status symbol. Proof that one has paid one’s dues and now deserves the comforts this life can provide.

More than locating its properties close to city hubs, yet distant enough to spare its residents the noise and crowding of the metros, Crown Asia is also bringing to the country the global concept of "masterplanned communities." Here, virtual cities are designed into the developments. Supermarkets, malls, churches, schools, hospitals, and even business centers are part and parcel of these modern-day residential complexes making them practically independent and turning them into destinations in themselves. Not only is everything the city has to offer close by, one no longer even needs to go into the city. Everything one needs or wants is right in the community.

The Truly Deserving Crowd

A wise man once said, "The secret to success is to keep your eye on the reward." This is the impetus that keeps Crown Asia going, and keeps it searching for better ways of building, designing and living. The company feels that its residents, and residents-to-be, truly deserve inspired living. They have worked hard, possibly harder than most. They persevered, battled the odds and rose beyond their dreams. The reward should equal the struggle. This is why every Crown Asia home is impressive, exquisite and built with excellent workmanship and of first-rate materials. Every community is embellished with stylized landscapes and offers areas for play and getting-together. Security is key in every Crown Asia development, as well as sustainability and a keen respect for the planet.



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