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A better way to serve our homeowners is going live this June 1, 2017!

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Bring to life visions of grand balls and intimate soirees with the elegant homes here at Ponticeli. Evocative of the original Italian countryside towns, this 18-hectare enclave gets its name from the Italian words ponti meaning bridge, and celli meaning skies.

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The 25-hectare development of Valenza in the lively and exciting city of Sta. Rosa Laguna definitely reflects the charm and romantic atmosphere of Italy.

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Completed Projects

The Good Life Blog


5 Destinations in the World You’ve Never Thought of Visiting

All April and May, you’ve probably been visiting sites all over the globe. Took a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or walked the length of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or paddled your way to the Underground River in Puerto Princesa. But come on, everyone knows those places already.

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How To Get Yourself Settled Into Your New Sucat House and Lot

So you’re new in town. You’ve just packed your bags from the neighboring city and now you’re here with an awesome real estate deal from Crown Asia. What do you do now? Well, get settled!

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Holding On To Summer, At Home In Valenza Laguna

Rain has been starting to pour these past few weeks, and sad as it may be, we would now have to kiss the summer season goodbye. Why not just go on a voyeuristic journey through these following movies that will allow you to experience an unforgettable summer, albeit only for a few hours.

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Perks of Having a Great Relationship with Your Neighbors: Back to School Edition

When your best neighbors are your best friends, the back-to-school season may just get a whole lot easier. Here are some perks of having great neighbors in your Marina Heights Sucat neighborhood.

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Crown Asia - Top Developer of Houses in the Philippines

Crown Asia, a subsidiary of Vista Land, is known to be a top developer of houses in the Philippines, providing homes to upper and middle-income earning Filipinos. The company, founded in 1995, was built on the principle that every home must be the ultimate reward for Filipinos' perseverance in the pursuit of success and excellence. This characteristic of the Filipino is born from a deep love for their families and a need to provide them with the best things in life. Such nobility of hopes and dreams deserve nothing less but serenely beautiful homes built to last for generations. Homes that will be the setting for countless family celebrations and shared memories.

True to this endeavor, Crown Asia has strived and succeeded to develop themed communities inspired by the most beautiful places in the world. Crown Asia has brought to the housing market such coveted horizontal developments as Ponticelli in Alabang, a blend of Old Italian charm and modern luxury; and Valenza in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, reminiscent of the glorious beauty of the Mediterranean countryside in a burgeoning suburb. Crown Asia also has themed mid-rise condominium buildings for those who want the ease and sophistication of vertical communities, two of which are Pacific Residences in Taguig, resort-style living in the city, and Pine Suites, an Alpine-themed condo community perfectly suited to the cooler climate of Tagaytay in Cavite.

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